POOR Billionaire Corzine
by N.R. Filidei (November 4, 2011 - commentary)

Ex-NJ Governor Jon Corzine and resigning chairman of defunct or bankrupt MF Global supposedly receiving 12 MILLION$ in severance must be having a: "Hissy-fit", as is so common amongst any Big Obama Supporter$ DENIED Vast Sums of MY/YOUR/OUR and/or U.S. Taxpayer Monies.

And besides, isn't a lousy 12 million dollars pretty-much chump-change for billionaires anyway?

Plus, Old Jon no doubt was also PO'd while rightfully questioning Obama as to: "Where are all those; 'Too Big To Fail' BILLION$ so typically taken from The Suckers (re. U.S. Taxpayers), for me also"? "Did GE's Immelt & Petrobraz's Soros contribute more time & money to get you elected, than I did"?

"Also, didn't I contribute much more to help buy Your (re. BHO Jr.) Position of Power than those U.S. TAXPAYER: 'Bailed-Out' banks, financial institutions, GinnieMae, FreddieMac, auto industry, UAW, SEIU, AFL-CIO & others did, for making you America's first dictator or king"??

Granted, even here on patriotfiles.com many will find truthful inferences, innuendos & sad realities written above blasphemous, since exposing their greatly adored & venerated deities or ruling elite lords & masters for what truly are. But,...SO WHAT?

Truths are truths are truths, no matter if written or just inferred about those believing selves quite superior, never to be questioned & omnipotent gods.

Regardless, keep on stupidly believing phonies and/or: "Democrat/Progressive/Marxist Political Supremacists posing as liberals" INSTEAD of your very own eyes, ears & minds before voting Again...and suffer even more severe consequences Again.

That last 3 years most certainly proves the point about repeating: "Severe consequences" to even you most staunch of suckers whom previously voted for Barack Hussein Obama II or Jr. before.
Hope that all such fools (both veterans & non-veterans alike) Finally Wake Up?

After all, if same voters still remain duped by Obvious (since repeatedly proved) Charlatans & their duplicitous political bull prevails over honesty once again,...America is sunk.

Just look at Greece & other ruling elite having failed miserably,...if STILL stupidly believing that Dictatorial Big Brother Governments or: "Nanny or Welfare States" are STILL the very best ways (or even sane ways) to govern.

Note current Oakland, New York and other American cities also, if STILL having any doubts whatsoever that such deadly and destructive marxist anarchies would or could ever occur here in Good Old US of A. 

Even though current Politicos in Power quite obviously lie repeatedly,...pictures don't.

The End