by N.R. Filidei (7/13/09 - commentary)

Damn-it-all! Even in the surrealistic & perverted worlds of both Despicable American Politicians & Overly   Bent or Big Brother Validating Journalists(?), all the concerted hullabaloo over Quite Leftist Insisted Upon: “Universal Healthcare Coverage” makes no sense whatsoever. Makes even less sense that NONE in U.S. Congress & Mainstream Press/Media dare even question what obviously needs questioning & clarifying for The American People.

Wonder why such an official & press timidity about questioning such in America, pretty-much overall exists?

Whatever, such type questioning might TRULY clear things up and/or make U.S. leaders, representatives, rulers, dictators or whomever TRULY: “Transparent”…and/or Honest to The People for-a-change. 

Unfortunately for US (both ways) Big Brother Governments (Local, State & Federal) most certainly can’t have that.  Duplicitously & continuously spouting: “Transparency” during campaigning & actually displaying TRUE: “Transparency” after attaining Total Power & Control OVER ALL Americans, quite realistically describes  actually two totally different things.    “Transparency” normally great for Leaders of Democracies is actually quite terrible for all Dictators with echoing mini-Dictators of Dictatorial Regimes.  

Current middle of night passages of TRILLION DOLLAR policies, laws or bills in Secret Committee are excellent examples of what King Obama, Queen PELOSI (translates as Hairy Types in Italian) & Democrat TOTALLY CONTROLLING Congress actually now consider: “Transparency in government”. A disgusting display of gall &: “Audacity” now coming from The American People’s Ruling Betters, is absolutely amazing!

Regardless, the following things obviously need questioning.

If Universal Healthcare should ever become the Dictated Law of Land for the entire vast majority of Private Sector Middle Class U.S. Citizenry (as other recent lordly dictated absurdities), will this just another such lordly decrees also effect Big Brother Government Officials & Public Sector ALSO?

Will all in American Officialdom & Public Sector be forced giving up their perpetually FREE (actually always totally paid for by U.S. Citizenry) & FINEST Medical Coverage known mankind? Most Private Sector Citizens would kill for such great coverage, as gleaned by their Public Servants (Some Joke!).

Then too, will all in same Authoritarian Officialdom & their workers or affiliated from The Public Sector ALSO be similarly forced (many rightfully believe Dictated) having Universal Healthcare, INSTEAD?

Since sad that the answers to all three questions above must obviously be: OF COURSE NOT,…such does raise further serious questions like: WHY-IN-THE-HELL-NOT & are all such On Public Dole alluded to Much Better or Superior than Rest of We FOREVER STUPIDLY PAYING SUCH Wealthier Americans???

Besides,…isn’t: “What Good for The Goose (re: “We The (Schnook$)” and/or The U.S. Taxpayer) Good for The Gander (as Big Brother Lords & minions)” anyway? Also, didn’t both Colonial Americans & French Citizens get rid of such pompously royal dictatorial rulers, Long Ago?
WHA-HOPPENED: “Citizens”??? Who dropped the ball? Did The U.S. Supreme Court?   
Or, was/is it just despicable American Politics in general?

The End