"What A-Damn-Hypocrite!"
by N.R. Filidei (June 1, 2012 - commentary)

Once Nancy schmancy in-your-face Majority Leader Pelosi arrogantly stating: "We Won, You Lost, get-over-it" to Republicans when Democrats were in 100% TOTAL CONTROL of entire U.S. Congress,...she is now sheepishly babbling (actually a pathetic groveling) a quite different tune.

Now as a pretty-much powerless and inconsequential Minority Leader she whines that typical Democrat phony ploy of: "We all gotta get along and fix things" bipartisanly.

What A-Damn-Hypocrite!

It wasn't all that long ago when then the most queenly-dictatorial of America's congressional majority leaders Ever (re. Nancy Pelosi 2008 to 2010), wouldn't even permit Republican Leaders through closed door meetings, sessions and any legislative committee meetings.

Regardless and in fairness, between 2008 and 2010 Nancy's boss, king, "Messiah" and/or President Barack Hussein Obama II or Jr. wouldn't permit any Republican Leaders into The White House, either.

He too is now feigning or singing a different tune and begrudgingly opening doors to White House for some Republican Leaders, merely for political expediency and pretense of being friendly towards hated and despised Republicans.

Besides, it wouldn't be very wise for: "His Barackness" to still keep acting So Superior before the upcoming election. He has a record now and most people know better. Plus, Liars & Deceivers ARE NEVER Superior People.

Obvious purposeful lies and deceits or typical Dem Political BS will always be just typical Dem Political BS,...whether from on high (re. Obama) or even when from some incoherently wild-eyed San Franciscan (re. Nancy Pelosi).

Such truly never changes. It's sadly true today just as was true way-back-when during old Democrat: "Carpetbagger" days.

Only differences for liars and deceivers nowadays are their dress, tall hats and beards.

Naturally Officialdom's Democrat Women Liars and Deceivers don't wear tall hats and have beards,...even though Italian translation for Pelosi is basically: "Hairy Ones" (tee-hee).

The End