USA More Dictatorial Than Usual, Lately
by N.R. Filidei (March 19, 2010 - commentary)

Surprisingly heard some disgusting news and even more troubling for the U.S. Citizen/Taxpayer than usual, today on FNC and/or The Fox News Channel.

Gonna-have-to stop watchin FNC. Remaining Content, Ignorrant & Blissful like most
Americans solely informed (actually Selectively Informed) by a Big Brother Government friendly mainstream press/media,...would surely be a-helluva-lot-better for my blood pressure?

Seems that even with all the MILLION$, BILLION$ & TRILLION$ already gone to: "God Only Knows" WHERE, of an additional 10 BILLION$ being allocated For People Controlling Taxation has slipped through censor. Such is the amount guesstimated being needed for hiring AN ADDITIONAL 16 THOUSAND IRS (Internal Revenue Service) AGENTS.

Apparently the ALREADY Largest of American Bureacracies (re. IRS) isn't up to the task of QUITE DICTATORIALLY ENFORCING or SHOVING: "Obamacare" down ALL American Subjects' Throats, ALSO?

The ADDITIONAL 16 or so Thousand of: "Sheriff of Nottingham" type Enforcers placed on the quite lucrative Public Dole,...should obviously be quite up to the task. Don't you think? Though, come Troop Increases Needed are never lordly ordered so-damn-easily? Just a little additional sarcasm, folks. Just can't help myself.

Still,...WOW!!! Nary a word or whimper coming out of mainstream press/media about such an obvious Travesty of Democracy, downright amazingly disgusting. Whatever happened to the spines of those hacks once called: "Guardians of The Public"?

Nowadays, and without any exaggerating whatsoever, America's mainstream press/media are about as much courageous: "Guardians of The Public", Old Tass, Pravda & Izvestia types were for the even more so Subjugated & Dictated Soviet People.

Neither Mainstream Russian or US Press would Ever Dare say anything bad about their respective Big Brother Dictatorial Regimes. Not sure whether such is just typical cowardly caving-in or done for achieving financial gain from dictated: "Sharing of Wealth", somehow??

Regardless, if weren't for FNC or The Fox News Channel and its many differently HONEST, TRUSTWORTHY & BELIEVABLE journalists, reporters & commentators,...ALL Americans would be kept Quite Purposefully Lordly Duped & In The Dark (the obviously much preferred Officialdom Norm). As is now,...only about Half and/or those Americans without Cable Access are those mostly kept: "Content, Ignorrant & Blissful", by such Official Charlatans & Phonies.

"The ends justify the means" way most important & quite alien to America & Americans now so lordly being enforced,... we-aire-in-deep-do-do: "Pigrims". Sad but true,...whether a lordly dictated: "Yank", "Rusky" or whomever.

The End