Disingenuous Are Liars
by N.R. Filidei (3/23/12 - commentary)

Even though common people or subjects & press dare never call royalty or their omnipotent rulers LIARS,...let's cut through all such nonsense or purposefully propagated authoritarian BULL.

Being: "Not straight forward or candid, crafty" (definition of word; "Disingenuous") to Quite Purposefully DECEIVE Americans is unarguably the very worst kind of Public Lying that can be perpetrated on any people.

Matters not whether entire U.S. Congress and mainstream press/media always go along with such a lordly nonsense of not calling obvious Official Liars...FLAT-OUT-PURPOSEFUL-LIARS (Obama inclusive) instead of people-pacifyingly calling such merely that nice sounding: "Disingenuous".

Obama's latest Green Promoting Deceit (as typically echoed by all his lackies) falsely stated that America only produces 2 PERCENT of World Oil.

Whereas and in reality and if Prez BHO II or Jr. were differently being: "Straight forward or candid" and not typically; "Crafty" for-a-change, The Truth might be told.

The truth being that inspite of Obama doing everything possible to curtail oil drilling in America,...The USA is still one of earth's LARGEST OIL EXPORTERS while actually producing about 15 PERCENT of World's Oil.

Hell! Don't We (re. US) likely EXPORT even more than 2 PERCENT of World's Oil to China alone?

The End