"In Deep Do-Do!"
by N.R. Filidei (1/29/13 - commentary)

Recently hearing President Barack Hussein Obama II or Jr. speak in Las Vegas made me realize that all We American Citizens & Nation are quite obviously In Deep Do-Do!

After all, EVEN HE TOO would have Americans quite naively or stupidly believe that there's absolutely no difference whatsoever between Documented Legitimate Immigrants and Criminally Illegal Aliens and many likely Smugglers, Criminals, Muslim Terrorists and other killers.

All such propagated merely for continually pandering to keep receiving millions of illegal votes so as to: "CHANGE" America into a One Party form of government,...makes BHO II or Junior's words even More Disgusting.

Sure he's smooth, cool, slick and adored by mainstream press/media, as if The: "Messiah".

But,...So What?

Can We Americans actually believe what he says???

The End