Obama Ate Dog???
by N.R. Filidei (April 24, 2012 - commentary)

As to what president will protect citizenry best during these troubling Muslim Terrorist and Downhill Economic Times here in America,...WHO CARES whether President Barack Hussein Obama II or Jr. ate dog as youngster Barry Soetoro (Soetoro being Barack's new father's name) in Indonesia???

Americans should instead be more so wisely concerned about Barry or Barack's Quite Suspect of Intent circle of friends, advisors and confidants (both domestic & foreign), and czars strangely having no expertise whatsoever with what politically charged regulating for We Americans.

Besides, many people worldwide actually consider furry Fidos, Maggies and even Maggie's puppies to be quite some culinary delicacies.

Hey: "Different strokes (food preferences also) for different folks". Some even eat worms, grubs and spiders.

Regardless and what We Americans should ALSO be greatly concerned about, is whether Barry or Barack's early years of Muslim Madrassa Schooling in Indonesia WAS/IS ALSO BAD for We Americans? Orrrrrrrrr whether his later years of mentoring (about 20 or so) by those ALSO America-Hating types like Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan WERE/ARE EVEN WORSE?

All such troubling realities about ideologue Obama's suspect of intent present and also quite suspect past upbringing aside, I personally believe that all such realities largely kept-under-the-rug by mainstream press/media about: "His Barackness" for so long a time,...were/are very unfortunate for We Americans. VERY, VERY Unfortunate,...Indeed!

Sure hope We most likely: "Targets of Opportunity for Radically Fanatical Islam" (others also) will survive Current Administration's typical policies of Apologetic Pandering, Tolerance, Fairness & Sensitivity towards our age old Enemies, Killers, Terrorists and Would Be Nation Destroyers?

Seems to me that Obama & His Royal court are more so concerned about retaining control of America and mostly caving into most every Nationality on Earth (Criminally Illegal Aliens longtime invading USA inclusive),...EXCEPT FOR We Americans.

Why is that? Where do President BHO II or Jr. & Cliques allegiances TRULY lay?   Are his ideology, party and political $upport more important than America???

If mass-deceiver Obama and his alma mater ACORN corrupts the voting system Again as before and He buys himself another presidency,...

The End