Why the Double Standard?
by N.R. Filidei (6/19/12 - commentary)

Why was that once great baseball pitcher Roger Clemens put through about 2 years of hell and million$ in cost defending himself (now acquitted), since just POSSIBLY lying to congress about some mere sports related matter...whereas U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder OBVIOUSLY LYING & COVERING-UP about IMPORTANT LIFE & DEATH MATTERS (re. despicable: "Fast & Furious") to U.S. Congress for about same 2 years...was/is quite differently treated as if some-sort-of omnipotent god???

Is that because many in U.S. Congress are just afraid of being sued by Holder's (actually Obama's since he calls-the-shots) Very Own Personal Justice Department, such as the Good People of Arizona?

Arizonans fearful of being harmed or killed by daily trespassing illegals being absurdly sued from on high for merely trying to uphold Federal Laws,...is truly sick and perverted Even By Obama/Holder dictatorial standards.

Regardless and maybe, just maybe,...many in congress ALSO quite rightfully fear Big Brother (re. Prez BHO II or Jr.) unleashing thousands of New IRS Enforcers on them,...for merely giving his tight buddy, Personal Enforcer and Great $upporter a hard time.

Basically, trifle with emperors, kings or dictators' $uppoter$, and suffer the consequences: "Pilgrims".

Besides, shouldn't any Obvious Official Liars abusing their oaths taken to The American People always be treated much more harshly by U.S. Congress instead, anyway?

After all and since Clemens took no such oaths to uphold all U.S. Laws & U.S. Constitution, why-in-the-hell pillory Roger instead?

The End