"No Doubt Whatsoever"
by N.R. Filidei (3/13/12 - commentary)

Unfortunately Obama's own personal ideology lordly determines enforcement of policies and even absurd Biased Dictates be executed by his Top Law Enforcer and/or U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

Still, Eric's latest Ordered perversion of his REAL JOB (ie. Safeguarding America & American Citizenry) truly does: "Take-the-cake".

Now,...there should be Absolutely No Doubt Whatsoever that Holder and His Boss are quite far from being solely concerned about or allegiant to We Americans and America.

Wasn't Arizona previously being successfully sued by Feds into NOT DEFENDING its very own border against Dopers, Smugglers, Muslim Terrorists, Criminal Illegal Aliens and Criminals in general by DOJ bad enough?

Hell,...Feds sueing an American State while protecting criminals even defies logic!

Regardless, this latest slap-in-face to All Americans (re. Federal Lawsuit against Texas having Voter IDs) should finally wake-up most U.S. Citizens. Even those previously best duped by Chicago's Top Gun Community Organizer, must now see the light.

Mass duping of people and suspect allegiances aside, solely people of Suspect Intent or those Purposefully Hell-bent Corrupting Elections are those typically against having legitimate photo identifications, prior to casting a ballot. It's so-damn-obvious.

There are no sane or rational reasons for not requiring all Americans to have Voter IDs.

Both Obama and Holder being dead-set against such as if their very lives and world depended American Citizens NOT HAVING Voter IDs,...TRULY SEZ-A-LOT.

Then too, if already needing photo IDs for most everything else in America (even for using food stamps, autos & hospitals),...why are BHO II or Jr., Holder and all rest of Barack's obedient and rubber-stamping Underlings always so adamently against American Citizenry having Voter IDs, anyway?

Isn't similarly proving identity (possible duplications & fraud also) of all voters at least as important for America as the usual identities needed for acquiring and using food stamps, driving and being a hospital patient, anyway? What's so racist about that?

Also, what's with that spinned or Perverted: "Racist" NONSENSE being falsely echoed against those quite sensibly & logically believing that legitimate Photo IDs will obviously CLEAN-UP America's Voting System?

Stupidly want: "24 Million Fraudulent Votes" AGAIN this next Presidential Election, as before? I don't think so.

Besides, what's so-damn-racist about blacks & hispanics ALSO needing Voter IDs, anyway?

Hopefully most blacks & hispanics (many naive whites also) will finally wake up and see the light?

America & We Americans just cannot survive 4 more years of Hypocritical Lordly Dictates.

That's sadly an unfortunate fact: "Pilgrims".

The End