"Even Duped Moron Voters..."
by N.R. Filidei (6/10/09 - commentary)

How can so many sane & intelligent Americans still be duped believing that lordly dictates forcing the closing down of auto plants & auto dealers causing LOSE of MANY JOBS, should actually be considered an economy: "Stimulus Package" and way of producing MANY NEW American Jobs? Quite the opposite IS ACTUALLY OCCURING. Are current rulers just-plain-nuts,...at best?

By now even duped moron voters must fully realize that what daily dictated from on high is absolutely bogus, duplicitous & absurd at best, and/or basically ala Chicago Corrupt Democrat Political Machine or Old Marxist Soviet styles of dictatorial governances. Only those somehow supportive or: "Connected" to such types fair well & better than most.

Don't believe me or your very own eyes, ears & minds???
Well then just believe Russia's Putin & Pravda for currently quite valid second & third opinions. They've been there - done that,...and truly understand Marxist Rule is Only Great for Rulers & Friends Alone.

Just like I & others have no reasons for not honestly warning The American People about our daily more & more Marxist Dictatorial take-over,...neither do both Putin & Pravda (Jon Voight also). In fact and no matter where such truths slipping through censor come from, just consider all such truths A Great Public Service.

Wish all such warnings came year or better ago? Now is pretty-much too late. Americans must: "Just (CRINGE) & bear it" & hope that the about next 2 years of political destructiveness forced upon US (both ways) can somehow be rectified? Yeah,...hope. That's about all We Americans can now count on.

Still, people relinquishing Freedom & Liberty so easily to the Quite Dictatorial Lordly Breed does pose a quite serious question. Just what-the-hell-ratio of Sane & Intelligent vs. Stupid Moron (plus foreign nationals) Voters actually exists in America? Such is always kept from The People or: "We The (Schnooks)", The U.S. Citizen/Taxpayer and/or PAYER FOR EVERYTHING (even daily public deceits). Heard very same bogus guesstimate for DAILY EVER INCREASING amount of: "Criminally Illegal Aliens" here of: "12.5 Million",...about 30 YEARS AGO. Absolutely Amazing! All illegals rotate back south on a daily basis.

Perhaps some-sort-of literacy tests combined with polygraph & U.S. Citizenry proofs are what needed for future elections? Granted most all Career-Ruling Elite (bipartisan) would no doubt frown upon such, since so obviously quite counter-productive & greatly limiting their possible votes received. But,...SO WHAT???

Theres absolutely nothing wrong with forcing America into becoming A Constitutionally established & law-abiding Representative Republic,...ONCE AGAIN and/or as Forefathers wisely & initially intended. Kings, Queens, Lords & Ladies were kicked-out circa 1776.

Let godly zealot politicians, journalists, professors & zealots in general find other well paying forms or ways of producing nothing or pretty-much accomplishing nothing worthwhile for America. Also, sensibly let foreign nationals here in need of any assistance seek same from their respective embassies...for-a-change. Start being: "Tolerant" & "Sensitive" towards The American Citizen/Taxpayer ALSO,...for-a-change.

Hell,...screw what now Totally Controlling King Obama with Biden & Pelosi Court (re. House & Senate) quite differently WANT & QUITE LORDLY DECREE for America.

Also, America is no place for voting-in kings, queens & court jesters or even self-annointed dictatorial political gods, anyway. We're Americans here. Not authoritarian lord-fearing Romans, Soviets or Muslims. Most never were nor ever will be.

Besides, why on earth want to stupidly: "Change" The Greatest & Most Compassionate Nation EVER in World History and/or America,...merely to make some foreign nationals (murderous Muslim Enemies inclusive) like us better anyway? Are We Americans now ruled by a bunch of Nero-like Nuts? Sure-as-hell-seems-so to me,...Fellow: "Pilgrims".

The End