Damn!!!,...When Will It Ever End???
by N.R. Filidei (September 23, 2009 - commentary)

NOW even a: "Gag Order" on Truths Escaping to The People from On High, is ALSO being decreed upon MEDICARE Insurers. Guess that longtime similar manipulations of mainstream press/media (not actually: "Mainstream" anymore & more so helpful Propaganda Ministry) for: "Keeping (WE) The Natives from getting restless" and/or remain typically easy controllable,...just weren't Sufficient Enough?

Granted, even such proved masterful: "Take-over" and/or Societal Engineering: "Change" artists (plus Press) can't chance retirees being Honestly Informed, either. There's just too many Grey Haired Voters out there whom ALSO won't like what Big Brother has in store for them, if such ever slips out or past censor.

Still, Official Memos decreeing that MEDICARE PREMIUMS will be greatly increased while for First Time NO Cost of Living Increases will be received and: "God Only Knows" (secret/closed-door committees also know) what else is in the lordly works for MEDICARE,...paints one-helluva-lousy-picture for: "We The (Now Lordly Deceived Seniors)".

Even though warranted, I'm not trying to scare ANYONE or any Old Folks.
However, and with so many other things already being shoved-down-American-throats these days, this latest Quite Lordly Toying with MEDICARE...is starting to scare-the-hell-out-of EVEN Cantankerous Me, and/or This Retiree.

Whatever, and like it or not all you other PREMIUM PAYERS for MEDICARE out there NOT on Freebe (actually TOTALLY U.S. Taxpayer Funded) MEDICAID, just better expect tightening your belts in the near future. MEDICAID or Public Funded types never will. But, YOU WILL.

I hate breaking it to you. But, YOUR specific: "Change" and/or MEDICARE changes now being lordly designed on The Chicago variation of Mount Olympus for decree,...just aren't all that very cornucopian to say the least.

Thus & in fact, it would be good for all retirees to plan wisely & plan ahead.
In future opting for cheaper Kool-Aid instead of milk, baloney instead of ham, artificial instead of real meat, and also buying self an inexpensive pill cutter,...couldn't hurt either.
Retiring to Costa Rica (?), also seems wise doing.

The End