"Envy of the World"??????
by N.R. Filidei (2/12/09 - commentary)

Current political hypocricies abounding aside, and since America is still unarguably The Greatest Nation on earth, it must be realistically asked why The New (old also) now Totally Controlling Ruling Elite Democrats want to: "Change" The Good Old US of A?

Could it be that Big Brother Political Supremacist Socialists/Leftists posing as Liberals believe that their preferred ways are actually MUCH BETTER than Freedom, Liberty, Patriotism & Capitalist Entrepreneurship, the longtime norms making US Envy of The World?

Guess that our new staunchly bent ideologue rulers just refuse to realize the obvious? Or, that inspite of America's current: "Financial Meltdown" of the last 2 years which many Political Oversight Committees & Regulatory Agencies PERMITTED HAPPENING (some rightfully say: "ENCOURAGED HAPPENING for reward"),...America surely STILL duh-place-to-be.

In fact, even during these quite troubling times America's exceptionally large Immigration Quotas are still being used worldwide, at maximum capacity. Same-o, same-o goes for our longtime (about 30-40 year): "Criminally Illegal Alien Invasion".

In Good or Bad Times America's ruling elite obviously BIPARTISANLY (quite some rarity here except for Border Security) permit MILLIONS of such Lawbreakers to sneak into America en mass. Truly some never-ending sick way garnering new voters here, folks. American politicos are no doubt more dangerous to America's Security,...than Generalisimo Santa Ana EVER WAS. Sad but true.

Then too, what's all this utter nonsense of further restricting, stifling or handcuffing: "America's Finest" (re. The U.S. Military) & Our Intelligence Agencies from doing what ALWAYS NEEDED during wartime,...and especially during War Declared On America by Fanatically Radical Islam (MULTIPLE TIMES). Are most current political leaders/rulers nationally-suicidal,...or just plain zealot nuts??

Hey,...haven't Our Military & Intelligence Community kept us all Alive & Well for 8 years so far, during this War on Terror and/or what Obama & Crowd choose to enemy pacifyingly rename whatever? What was wrong with that?

Should We Americans instead prefer remaining: "Soft Targets of Opportunity" for Islamo-Fascists INDEFINITELY,...just to please naive political nuts? I don't think so,...in the slightest. My parents raised no idiots.

Also, doesn't our new Commander-In-Chief have any knowledge whatsoever about history? They must teach other than just Deceitful Political Science at Harvard or: "Havud", as pronounced up there?

Well then, and if Obama & rest of Washington's Civilian Warlords ever learned anything about history (?), some of them should be well aware that Islam's last SEVEN: "Hundred Year Holy Wars" or "Jihads", did last just that (if not longer?). Granted, such is self-explanatory to most. But, and to sort-of excuse those in The Surreal World of Politics, current political rulers or Big Spenders just aren't accustomed dealing with such small numbers.

Career-Politicians in general seem much more comfortable rounding off figures of the monies gleaned or taken from U.S.Taxpayer PAYING FOR EVERYTHING in America,...in The BILLION$ or TRILLION$. Besides, it's not "Their" money being so cavalierly bandied-about, anyway. So, and quite unfortunately for: "We The (Schnooks)",...not many of such Wealthiest of Americans actually care? And, why should they? Most: "Servants" or Senators & Representatives here are multi-millionaires.

Whatever, and whether or not politicos can conceive anything numerically lasting longer than 2, 4 or 6 year time spans, something better soon ACTUALLY: "Change" regarding politicians playing at Military Command during wartime. Our Muslim Enemies are not nor ever so encumbered. Muslim Murderers would kill us all in: "A New York Minute",...if given the chance.

Then too, wouldn't it be infinitely wiser if Our Civilian Warlords instead made Main Mission of America's Military & Intelligence Services to be Finding & Destroying Sworn to Allah Muslim Mass-Murderers of Infidels ANYWHERE ON EARTH,...and ANY WHICH WAY POSSIBLE? What's the-big-hangup at why NOT doing so RIGHT NOW?

Don't our leaders/rulers want to save American Lives? Do they asininely prefer conducting Politically-Correct Warfares INDEFINITELY (Last war for survival Sensibly Fought was WWII.) and thus eventually just loosing, at best?

Our enemies have always religiously adhered to the historical truism that: "All is fair in love & war". If we didn't fight that way too way-back-when, it's quite likely America would still be fighting WWII,...if lucky and not having to learn German or Japanese instead of Spanish as our new national language?

Besides, is it even sane of ANY People continually caving-into Political-Correctness (epitome of an oxymoron), constant socialism feigned as liberalism, and obedient kowtowing to ruling elite politicians whom obviously are solely concerned about their & clique's leftist political supremacist ideology being obediently adhered to,...BY ALL?

To such I say: "Screw all You Dictatorial Civilian Warlords, Societal Engineers & World Welfare Advocates at GREAT U.S. Taxpayer Expense". Me & mine much prefer to NOT: "Change" whatsoever as YOU like, and/or remain God Loving, Patriotic, Free & Sovereign Americans,...alive also.

The End