OBAMA/MARX "Fairness" Gimmick
by N.R. Filidei (12/7/11 - commentary)

Be very, very, very wary of Big Brother type Rulers constantly campaigning & promoting that: "Fairness" must somehow be legislated into law. Life itself is not fair. Neither are marxist doctrines Truly ever fair.

Regardless, in Kansas during old ACORN Community Organizer Barry or Barack's latest of MANY Campaign Speeches (Obama has never stopped campaigning since leaving Chicago Community Organizing for Dems), he mentioned that: "Fairness" ploy about 14 Times.

Guess BHO II or Jr. figures (just like most Dem/Socialist/Progressive/Marxist Rulers) that the more that such: "Pie-in-the-sky bull" is repeated,...the more that America's same sucker voters will believe such, and quite stupidly vote for him as did before? Hey, it worked for me before, so why not dupe same people once again?

Still, is it FAIR that all wealthy ruling elite, bureaucrats & Much Better-off (re. those earning about twice a$ much as us) Public Workers (local, state & federal) never have to contend with such duplicitous: "Fairness" bull or absurd; "Share The Wealth" Marxist or Communist HISTORICALLY PROVED COMMUNAL & NATIONAL FAILURES.

Besides, only fools believe it FAIR that government officials or highest to lowest echelon Public Servants (Some Joke!) & most government workers also On The Dole receive very best of FREE medical & FREE retirement packages known mankind.

After all, rest of We Americans (plus employers) must lifelong PAY DEARLY for our own (plus Illegal Aliens' also) Social Security Benefits & MEDICARE (actually MEDICAID for illegals).

We Americans longtime dictated paying for even SCHOOLINGS (from kindergarten to college) of MANY Criminal Illegal Alien Children,...isn't very democratic either. In rational countries aren't Illegals' nations and/or their respective embassies responsible for such? Many jailings also?

Whatever, is it even SANE permitting (actually encouraging) MANY MILLIONS of Criminally Illegal Alien LINE JUMPERS (re. those perpetually en mass jumping in front of Legitimate Immigrants WAITING MANY YEARS to immigrate here), to all differently come to America quite speedily at will?

OF COURSE NOT, since foreign criminals should NEVER be favored over law-abiding people.

Also, since: "Fairness" lunacies obviously benefit career Power & Control Freaks, affiliated & Illegals more than most all other Americans,...why-in-the-hell even seriously consider or accept whatever Obama says or Weekly Propagates in-the-first-place? Liars will always be liars.

By now, most must also realize that: "His Barackness" is more so a prolific liar than both Hillary & Bill Clinton ever were.

Even more sadly, Obama is as much a presidential embarrassment as Jimmy Carter ever was. Nothing personal.

The End