Fannie and Freddie Finaglers
by N.R. Filidei (02/18/11 - commentary)

More exposed about FannieMae & FreddieMac slipping through both government's & press's Quite Tight Cracks by Fox News Channel (Where Else?),...truly got my hackles up.

Then too, I'm just not your typically cowered by authority & in awe of lordly: "Pomp & Circumstance" American. I basically believe presidents, leaders, rulers & even fanatical zealot ideologues & dictators (American lawyers & judges also) are mere mortals, just like the rest of us.

Also, screw the obvious or reality that many of such alluded to actually believe otherwise.

Regardless, it's downright CRIMINAL dictating that: "We The (Schnook$)" or U.S. Taxpayer Suckers ALSO & ADDITIONALLY PAY $160 MILLIONS in legal fees,...foooooooooor those thieving: "Fat Cat Executives" of FannieMae & FreddieMac or MAIN CAUSES for America's; "Financial Meltdown", Grandeose Fraud & contrived Trillion Dollar plus Public Rip-off.

Have most bipartisan ruling elite all just gone Quite Audaciously & Dictatorially Nuts or Bonkers?

Certainly seems so to me.

If actually not so,...what sane reasons could there be for mostly lawyers (the norm in ruling class) FURTHER COLLUDING in So Blatantly Ripping-Off another $160 MILLIONS of U.S. Taxpayer Monies?

Don't even Judges find such odd? Weren't all previous: "Bail-outs" Dictatorial non-American enough?

Also, why-on-earth should American People be forced paying for Such A Lavish ($600 or $800 PER HOUR) Contingent of Legal Defenders for MULTI-MILLIONAIRE RECEIVERS of MULTI-MILLION$ IN BONUSES (PLUS), in the first place?

Comparative chump-change or 50 Billion$ Swindler & Thief Barney Madoff received no such luxury.

Still and in fairness, and since Congressman Barney Frank did no jail time (Was Actually Rewarded ALSO???) for similarly Hiding Exceptionally Extravagant & FRAUDULENT Mortgage Money Misuses from SEC Regulators, President Bush & American People,...why differently punish Fannie & Freddie Multi-Millionaires, anyway?

Typical press: "Double Standard" the norm for all minorities & current Dem/Progressive/Marxist ruling elite (plus financially affiliated) aside, is such even: "Fair", "Sensitive" or similarly quite Politically-Correct (a quite asinine oxymoron)?

Do We Sucker$ stupidly pay another army of lawyers suing Arizona $600 to $800 per hour, ALSO?

Betcha We Do,...all you never outraged by anything Dummy Dupes (Outraged Patriots also).

Unfortunately, it's also likely that many of such very same fools STILL actually believe what Obama, Corrupt Chicago Mob/Clique/Machine & many other ALSO Quite Suspect Intent Ideologue organizations concertedly (actually screeching or hollering) echo adnauseam, too.

Don't agree with "Them" and get shouted down,...just like seeing many times on TV.

"Believe It or Not". But whether dupes or wise people,...We're in deep do-do, Folks.

Intrenched Power & Control Political Supremacists believing selves Superior with a largely supportive press, academe & judiciary,...just aren't all that easy to dislodge. Took-a-damn-war to remove similarly audacious Hitler & Crowd.

The End