Foolish Leaders (bipartisan)
by N.R. Filidei (January 13, 2014 - commentary)

Whether naively are for or wisely against that greatly debated: "Immigration reform" OR NOT, first and foremost America's leaders (bipartisan) NOT securing our borders during wartime and while under constant threat from Radical Islamic Terrorist Attack by worldwide Muslim Fanatics aren't just Stupidly-Asinine and Nationally Suicidal Morons.

Most all such foolish leaders (bipartisan) obviously display a downright Criminal Negligence towards the continued: "Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness", Safety and Security of We The American People.

And besides, isn't that constantly debating America's: "Immigration reform" more than just a-tad-bit silly, anyway?

Quotas were, are and will always be sufficient and serve USA's wants and needs quite well.

It makes no difference that pandering politicos welcome illegals to increase their voter base.

Honestly need more Germans here? Then just up Germany's immigration quota to America.

Honestly want more Mexicans here? Then just increase their immigration quota.

Get the picture?

If American leaders (bipartisan) truly want to Safeguard & Protect all We Americans and America (???), they need only close our basically wide open borders (just like most other nations on earth do), and just enforce the many laws against: "Criminally Illegal Aliens" and/or the Correct INS nomenclature for foreign nationals criminally trespassing or sneaking into America.

That phrase of: "Illegal Immigrants" was conjured up solely to: "Keep the Natives (re. We Americans) from getting restless" or for pacifying purposes,...and any people (terrorists, dopers, smugglers, criminals or not) clandestinely sneaking into America SHOULD NEVER EVER be confused with HONEST & TRUE and/or LEGITIMATE immigrants.

As is, it's just not fair.

Criminally Illegal Aliens can come to America whenever it suits them or whenever they damn-well-please.

Whereas HONEST, TRUE & LEGITIMATE immigrants must wait 5, 10 or 15 years and/or what their specific quotas determine before permitted coming to America.

Basically and in general,...why treat criminal trespassers better than LEGITIMATE immigrants?

The End