Voter Fraud Encouragers
by N.R. Filidei (1/23/11 - commentary)

Even if ignorantly and stupidly believing party line that President Barack Hussein Obama II or Jr. is actually A Liberal, Greatest President Ever or even: "Messiah", just ask yourselves the most important question of all. Dem ruling elite should sober-up and get in touch with reality.

To hell with questioning Barack's or Barry's hospital birth records (both long & short forms???) which aren't even good enough for getting U.S. Citizens a U.S. Passport.

Also, forget about questioning anything about Obama's early years world travelling, quite suspect of backgrounds or even his Muslim Madrassa Schooling, unless don't mind being automatically labeled: "A Racist",...amazingly even if also a black American.

Anything counter current Political Supremacist Obama/Chicago/Dem/ACORN political machine political appointees (Administration inclusive), most always brings out: "The Race Card". That's the typical or standard card such Officialdom phonies, hypocrites and actually TRUE Racists usually play.

Regardless, the following is most important question all that We Americans should currently be asking,...BEFORE TOO LATE!

Why on earth are America's Democrat President, Democrat Attorney General and Democrat Leaders in general so-damn-adamently opposed American People having to show Photo IDs prior to voting?

What's-the-big-deal, anyway? People normally need photo IDs when going to doctors office, hospital, driving and air travel, just to mention a few. Hell. One can't even get a free meal in a casino without a photo ID proving you are the one for whom the comp is actually for.

Besides, and given SO MUCH obvious voter fraud (tried and proved so) during America's 2008 Presidential Election, wouldn't differently having a photo identification prior to voting this next coming presidential election be just SENSIBLE & WISE (Best for retaining U.S. Freedom & Liberty also.)?

Granted and in fairness, not just Dems are solely opposed to their staunch voter base showing Photo IDs before voting. So are their beholding many thousands (likely millions) of foreign nationals or Criminally Illegal Alien VOTERS,...and quite rightfully so.

After all, America's politicos even proved receiving thousands (possibly millions) of fraudulent or illegal votes rarely ever loose office, get jailed, or even get a little slap on the wrist for corrupting the election process.

Whereas for community organizers, hacks and voters (illegals or not) caught perpetrating America's typically large scale voter frauds, face Big Federal Fines & Severe Punishments. Ever hear of Leavenworth, Kansas...muchachos. Later you get deported as a bonus.

Regardless, I'll never understand how lately America's leaders & press in large part have the gall or audacity to mock Afghan, Iraqi and Iranian elections as being CORRUPT???     Compared to America's Career People Deceivers, "They" all seem like rank amateurs at both financial and political CORRUPTNESS.

An overall lordly-political arrogance (Chicago style) still prevailing in America aside,..."People in glass houses...".

The End