"Free Speech" DUPES
by N.R. Filidei (2/17/07 - commentary)

Even though knowing full well that no people on earth like being exposed or belittled as being naïve and perpetually quite easily duped,…here goes anyway.

Was basically referring to just how easily Americans in general overall accept many leftist perversions of our: “Free Speech” on our soil, and as if actually so and with rarely a squawk (if any?). Such an overall timidity has always truly amazed me.

It doesn’t seem mattering one iota to most that many San Franciscans, Berkeleyites and Hollywood Troublesome Crowd daily quite stupidly & enemy helpfully encourage during wartime, which unarguably has to be about as treasonably anti-America as it gets.   Nor, that such daily: “Free Speech” abusers pervert such For Cause and duplicitously act & propagate more so like North Koreans, Iranians, Syrians, Fanatical Muslims or Al-Quida, rather than how rest of we sensible vast majority of Americans realizing that under daily threat attack by Despicably Mass-murderous Islam, would much prefer.

Can only guess or speculate what causes California’s obvious Turncoat Gene affliction?   Maybe such has disgustingly developed from the continual breathing of mind-scrambling methane bubbles seeping out of California’s coastal waters, eating too many bad or tainted abalone or shell fish, or just believing all movie stars are as wise as Plato or Aristotle and as TRULY caring as Mother Theresa.????

After all, what else could possibly explain such abhorrently nationally-suicidal behaviors prevailing on: “The Shaky Coast”?   The Devious Fanatical Left’s orchestrated: “Bush (plus any and all Republican) Hating” alone can’t be the sole answer?   Can it?

Regardless, and chemical-wise, malady-wise,  political-wise or historical-wise excusing California’s Deviant Wartime Under-miners aside, how come the rest or vast majority of Americans keep sheepishly putting up with such anti-America hypocrites,…which disgustingly & incessantly repeat their deceits on a daily basis to-boot?

Even more important, why-on-earth do so many in Authority, Journalism, Academe, Entertainment and even The Supreme Court of The United States asininely or quite stupidly put up with such OBVIOUS: “Free Speech” PERVERSIONS?    Are most all in Officialdom and other notables and people of voice in America just plain NUTS?    Or, are all alluded to just that fearful & cowering of America’s fanatically Vile, Vicious & Vindictive Left? 

Hell, isn’t it sickening that even Our Supremes CANNOT (actually REFUSE TO as all others) distinguish between Constitutional Rights and: “Hollering FIRE in a crowded theater”, public lying & falsely character assassinating, and being treasonable and traitorously enemy helpful & encouraging during wartime (Left’s current norm)?     Why is that?   The judicial majority can’t all be senile?

Or, could it be that America’s leaders & courts deem America’s sovereignty and very survival that much less important than Hollywood, Bay Area, ACLU and even Mexico City’s wishes, wants & demands?   Even though quite often disgustingly appearing so to this proud American Veteran, I (no doubt many others also) surely will never stupidly believe it should be so.   Besides, my parents never raised any such idiots whom could so easily be-led-by-the-nose, anyway.

Whatever, all TRUE Patriots or those SOLELY allegiant to America and no others, better soon wake up.    Also, better soon display some Rightful & Righteous Outrage & Indignation.  Demanding and expecting some accountability & common sense be displayed by both political leaders & courts for-a-change,… couldn’t hurt either.

Also, don’t forget that American political military leaders/micro-managers are usually quite short on military knowledge, common sense, patience & resolve regarding warfare & conflicts, amazingly even when in fight for Very Survival!  Whereas, well strategized 100 year Holy Wars (currently the beginning of 8th) are as common to Radical Arab Islam, as is the cooking of even baby food over open camel dung fires.    Guess: “Different strokes (plus aromas & tastes) for different folks”,…eh what?

Additionally, remember an unarguable reality since more important nowadays than it ever was. Such being that no politicians, officials, judges, wannabe of such, journalists, professors, prelates or even entertainers ever guaranteed any United States Citizen’s: “Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness”.

ONLY The U.S. Military did so from the very onset, does so today, and will no doubt keep doing so in the future.   NO OTHERS and especially California’s Sick-o Deviant Pervert Breed will ever guarantee Americans their: “Inalienable Rights”.   Just the Big Brother Leftist or Socialist variation opposite of course,…if given the chance.

Thus, and since for-warned, would suggest that when all you potential: “Soft Targets of Opportunity” for Fanatical Islam next vote for America’s Commander-In-Chief & Leaders, vote as if your very lives and way of life actually depended on same.   Both actually do and will.  

So then: “Pilgrims”, just vote sensibly & sanely for those whom believe best for America & The U.S. Military.   This most definitely not time for letting those typically quite suspect of intent & credibility or usually The Politically-Correct (an oxymoron) deceptively convincing you otherwise, as did/do both Clintons & Gang.

The End