"Gaggle of Lorldly Pompous Twits"?
by N.R. Filidei (August 10, 2009 - commentary)

Even though recent New Jersey Christie vs Corzine political ad states Not Heeding whatever comes out of either side of self/clique-serving ABOVE ALL ELSE charlatans' mouths, and solely WATCH What They Do explains American Citizenry's current plight quite well,...thought I might say a little more about such a despicable matter.

What-the-hell & why not? Mainstream Press & Three Major Networks (ABC, CBS & NBC) rarely expose any of such (if ever?). Only Conservative/Republican exposures seem ever mattering.

Regardless, have any of you others noticed how the unarguably Quite Masterful Internet users or Great Twiterers for raising monies both here & abroad for buying selves both A Presidency & TOTAL Control of America, now lately seem coming across more so as gaggle of Pompous Lordly Twits. Don't honestly believe that even pre-1776 Brit Lords acted & thought as lowly or despisingly of We Colonial Subjects,...with or without their wigs or frills?

Whether adoring or loving or hating or despising or even wisely fearing: "Democrat/Socialist/Leftist Political Supremacist Rulers posing as Liberals (Leaders, Representatives & Public Servants also)", most lately must have noticed how such are obviously exposing themselves,...even though no doubt inadvertently of course. Royalty always consider selves much smarter & wiser than a coweringly obedient peasantry, anyway.

Still FORTUNATELY due their current antics,...FINALLY The Dems' TRUE COLORS & TRUE CHARACTERS are slipping out from between or under the rocks. Such exposures should even start waking-up the most perpetual of politically duped Americans and/or Staunch Dems.

One most certainly Hopes So. After all, whom knows how many more Political Dictates American Citizenry will stand for,...without DEMANDING Public Hangings or at least Public Pillorings & Jailings of Corrupt ala Chicago/ACORN/SIEU style connivers posing as Political Officials?

Amazingly, America's Public Officials known squandering & loosing BILLION$ of U.S. Taxpayer Monies aren't even jailed,...and instead are EVEN GIVEN MORE BILLION$ to piss-away. Go figure? "Only in America"!

Whatever, no longer can America's Voters panderingly & typically be BS'd & stroked into believing even the most absurdly Dictatorial Democrat Ideological (actually Marxist) ways of fixing things & rewarding thieves.

Pompous Dem Lords now quite concertedly & echoingly scolding all those opposing or DARING to Protest against all despicable Industry Nationalizations and especially the now latest of lordly desired take-overs and/or: "Obamacare",...are all dead give-aways.

Guess that Dems taking-over Banking, Financial, Insurance & Auto Companies & U.S Treasury ALONE, just didn't/doesn't actually satisfy their obvious insatiable greeds? Now even want to totally take-over The Medical & Healthcare Industry, also

Though FORTUNATELY & FINALLY again, it seems that all such Political Scoundrels are now Blowing-Their-Covers as NEVER BEFORE! In that context Bravo & Amen. We might once again return to being A Constitutional Representative Republic. Hopefully before too late?

In fact, The Greatly Organized: "In-you-face" "I Won" & "We Won" & even amazingly: "Poor WINNERS" & exceptionally like-minded politically dictatorial type; "Community Organizers" & now Nationally re-Engineering Dems,...are now acting about as hypocritically asinine AS IT GETS. "Free Speech"(even though quite duplicitous & masterfully perverted) & what basically got "Them" TOTAL Control of America, is now hypocritically denied any & all opposing such Dem Lords.

Yeah, sure? The multitude of Elderly Opposing Big Brother: "Obamacare" at Town Hall Meetings must now be lordly decreed & scolded as an: "Organized Opposition", "Angry Mob", "Thugs", "Nazis" & "Racists". What an arrogant: "Audacity" by Pompously Hypocritical Dem Lords & Ladies,...whom ironically acquired TOTAL Control of America & all We Americans THOSE VERY SAME WAYS.

Granted, career-Leftists have mastered the reality that: "The Best Defense is A Good Offense", and especially against those most obviously opposing royal dictatorial decrees & wishes. But, SO WHAT?

Even the most ignorant of people on earth must realize that Disgusted Americans (young or old) should never ever be broad brush painted as an: "Angry Mob", "Thugs", "Nazis" or; "Racists",...and especially by America's self-anointed gods, king, queen & mini-gods. Besides, all such that Dems quite echoingly spout,...JUST IS NOT TRUE.

Hell,...I also know of no Americans whom KNOWINGLY voted for: "His Barackness" or Political King Obama & Congressional Queen Pelosi, nor Court Jesters or gaggle of Lordly Twits posing as Representatives. Do You? Didn't most Americans actually expect A New President & Representatives as in days of old, INSTEAD?

The End