Truly: "HAIRY" State of Affairs
by N.R. Filidei (5/18/07 - commentary)

Many Americans are unaware that most names of ethnic Italian ancestry have specific meanings, and much like as are common to The American Indian. Some are meaningful, interesting, good or just so-so.

Some examples being LoBiondo which means: "The Blond One (male)" and Pelosi which means: "Hairy or shaggy ones (both male & female)". Naturally and as most know, here in America the word: "Hairy" also has a dual meaning and/or also has a quite troubling connotation.

Sure, many Democrats will in concert say: "Hey,...a name is just a name" or; "Just who-the-hell-cares"? Well, "Pilgrims", and when some great catastrophe occurs here in The Good Old U.S. of A (as terrorism expected by many knowledgeable), "We The People" better start caring,...and mucho pronto.

We've got us an Enemy Encouraging Leftist Ideologue House Majority Leader third in line for The Presidency and/or Wartime Commander-In-Chief of The United States of America, while under merciless attack by worldwide Islamo/Fascists. No matter what, we will always need political leaders that take this: "Warfare Business" SERIOUSLY.

Granted, Democrat Political Leaders most certainly don't,...but Fanatical Islam ALWAYS SERIOUSLY mean what they say and SERIOUSLY deliver what promised,...and especially regarding Mass-Killings and/or their typical attacks on Defenseless Infidels worldwide.

In fact, in only a few months of New Congressional Control by Nancy Pelosi and her similarly always suspect of TRUE INTENT: "Hairy" Crowd, they have daily shown that Muslim Mullahs are much more trustworthy and believable than "THEY". Yeah, that's right. Mullahs QUITE DIFFERENTLY say what they mean, and actually mean what they say.

Nancy herself actually exposed Democrats best on Nationwide TV, when they first took over control of The U.S. Congress. Gleefully and: "In Your Face (re. Republicans)" said; "WE'RE IN CHARGE NOW",...showing full-well that Democrats definitely not into that: "Government Of The People, By The People and For The People (re. Citizenry)" thingy.

For: "Criminally Illegal Aliens and The Democrat Party, it a whole different story. Such like: "A match made in heaven". All new laws and constant denial of existing laws always greatly benefit foreign national insurgents, while daily and ever-increasing The Democrats' staunch and quite reliable Voter Base, matter what. People most always favor those whom pander to "Them" best.

Regardless, the previously alluded to obvious being that: "Democrats/Socialists/Leftists posing as Liberals to achieve their ends or agendas" have already proved themselves infinitely more concerned about defeating and destroying President Bush, Administration and all Republican/Conservative Opposition, plus: "Recapturing The White House",...rather than defeating and destroying Fanatical Islam worldwide and/or: "Winning The War on Terrorism", both here and abroad. No ifs, ands or buts.

The Dems' apparently quite obvious paramount and primary objective that "Their" ideology Reigns Supreme in America (even during wartime) aside, how-in-the-hell can so-damn-many SANE American Voters just keep going along with such nationally-suicidal politics and politicians? Truly mind-boggling at best.

Even more absurdly, how can any SANE Americans STILL believe whatever comes out of the mouths of such Political Supremacist Ruling Elite Leftist Lords, whether from The Beltway, Hollywood or Journalistic Wartime Under-mining Crowds? Every which way possible, all such alluded to ALWAYS place America's very sovereignty & survival SECONDARY, despicable political power & control OVER ALL.

Must be something in the water in D.C., Hollywood and most Network and Newspaper buildings? Once heard it reported that Perrier has 5X the amount of arsenic in it, that legally permitted in America. Then too and an apparent French Dispensation aside, maybe such fools also spike "Their" waters with LSD? Hey, never know? Plus, nobody has to even inhale such waters to get the desired or wanted effect.

Whatever, there must be SOMETHING more than just naively-stupid and nationally-suicidal politics and politicians causing so many intelligent leaders and other notables to be perpetually and continually ENEMY HELPFUL & ENCOURAGING,...and/or downright TREASONABLE DURING WARTIME? But then,...maybe not?

Maybe since typically asinine and/or overall self/America-defeating dictates have been shoved down our throats for such a long time (even by Supreme Court), such suffice? Must actually be so, since heard it often enough? Such being that:"People can pretty-much get accustomed to just about anything".

Still, and Wacko Dem Dictates aside, don't believe I'll ever get used to me and mine remaining as: "Soft Targets of Opportunity" for Fanatical Islam,...FOREVER. Nor, do I believe that all Americans be forced hitting number 1 to speak to someone in authority in English, or even hire Illegal Mexicans or Central Americans to do whatever.

Besides, it's long past due that The U.S. Worker/Taxpayers' SENSITIVITIES were addressed,...ALSO!!!

The End