"There's a time for..." & Hanging Also
by N.R. Filidei (9/20/08 - commentary)

Since obviously having been subjected to the largest scale Public Rip-off in American History ever (possibly World History also?),...hasn't anyone else noticed what sorely lacking & most certainly warranted?

Yeah, that right Fellow Greatly Victimized by Corporate/Financial/Political Greed here in extremely politically ruled & regulated America. Where's all the overall Public Outrage that's rightfully warranted? Have We Americans been so-damn-politically-duped and/or brainwashed into complacency, that we even don't care about OUR VERY OWN MONIES?

Still, this latest episode perpetrated by greedy CEOs, hierarchies & affiliated permitted by Government Regulators, Committees & Committee Chairmen (women also) also benefitting greatly from corruption, pay-offs for Malfeasances of Office, shouldn't be taken lightly. Nor, what might possibly further happen to the already troubled U.S. Dollar,...be cavalierly shrugged-off or dismissed either.

Certainly such despicably greedy & $elf/clique-$erving $coundrels at Great Public Expense should be greatly fined, as many propose. But, and let's face it. What Good (if any?) will such do for so many victimized Americans?

"We The (Schnooks)" and/or those typically victimized by either large corporations or financial institutions will never see a dime of any vast fines or retributions. Plus, and since much like trying to: "Sue City Hall", don't even think for a second getting any recompense from Govermental Regulatory Public Trust Villains & Cohorts,...nor any semblance of satisfaction for that matter. And besides, wouldn't we actually be suing ourselves?

Also, and if it weren't bad enough that The U.S. Worker/Citizen/Taxpayer were permitted being so largely screwed-over by all such despicably duplicitous & co-conspiring Governmental Regulating Agencies & Committees, what's now being done is even worse. The People are forced (some might rightfully say: "Dictated") bailing-out the entire gaggle of Public Thieves,...by even gleaning MORE OF OUR MONIES.

That's truly strange, isn't it? Goes against most everything that the Presidential Campaigners are now proposing. Amazing! Stick it to The Middle Class worse than usual, so can bail-out some of The Richest of The Filthy Rich. Sure hope that causes my taxes to be increased quite substantially...so Barack Hussein Obama II or Jr. will consider me A MUCH BETTER: "Patriotic American" (tee-hee).

Granted, something must be done quickly & sensibly since the economy just cannot keep on the path of suffering such combined Private & Public Sector financial shenanigans, without consequence. Not being: "A Rocket Scientist", financier, mathematician or Great, Wonderful & All-Knowing politician or journalist (just sarcastic jokin), I certainly don't have the answers. Just have much concern about such, as no doubt most Americans in same dire straits do.

Regardless, I feel it in my bones that if not FIRST & FOREMOST Cleaning House of insatiable vermin in such vast financial sinkholes,...any so-called: "Bail-outs" should be considered nothing more than temporary Big Brother Socialistic Fixes, at best. At worst, such are just further typically large scale wastes of U.S. Taxpayer Funds, which can't possibly be of any great help to our economy. Such only helps: "The Fat Cats", politicians, political appointees & governmental bureaucracies.

Whatever, want to TRULY stop such Grand-scale Public Rip-offs and/or: "Cruel & Unusual Punishment" upon society from ever occuring again? Well then for all you timid, compassionate or politically-correct (actually an oxymoron) types, I would suggest the instant Mass-Jailing of most all such money-grubbing cohorts.

For those less squeamish or like-minded, I would suggest Public Mass-Hangings for worst offenders of The Private Sector and Double Hangings for Public Trust/Sector Oath Taking Regulators and/or quite pompously lordly: "Let them eat cake" types.

I believe the guillotine is much too yucky & messy, for dispatching anyone.
Besides, Christians & Jews don't typically behead people, anyway.

The End