by N.R. Filidei (11/17/06 - commentary)

Even though nowadays most every American having suffered some lethal tragedy (terrorism related or not) seem automatically labeled heroes or somehow having been heroic, I don't (nor should anyone) begrudge such at all. After all, why deny the bereaved families and friends of any deceased such a fine recognition, remembrance and some semblance of solace?

Doesn't matter that most were victims of circumstance or just in wrong place at wrong time. It can't hurt.

Still, and when the term: "Hero" is overly used for any and all tragedies, such detracts or somewhat takes away from describing TRUE American Heroes and/or those whom risk their lives by Serving, Protecting and Saving Others,...on a daily basis.

Most Fire, Police and Emergency Service Personnel are great examples of what alluded to,...and those similarly and selflessly volunteering for The U.S. Military (especially during wartime) being the very best example possible.

Regardless, please forgive me for showing preference to U.S. Military above all others. Was one of such once, and never was a Fireman, Cop or Emergency Service type volunteer. Plus, both logic and common sense dictate that a distinct and special appreciation be accorded The U.S. Military. "THEY" keep "US" Alive & Free. Our Political Leaders most certainly don't.

And besides, no Firemen, Police or Emergency Service types (that I know of anyway) swear an oath to both God & Country to Defend & Protect ALL Americans,...even at risk to life & limb if need be.

Whereas, ALL upon entering The U.S. Military DO JUST THAT.
Plus and quite sadly, the rolls of those doing: "JUST THAT" are legion. Rows upon rows of crosses worldwide over the years actually only show just the tip of a truly large Brave & Courageous iceberg.

In fact, and any-way-sliced, The Military most certainly not a wise career choice for The Timid & Cowering. Such should stick to safely protesting.

Whatever, and given that the last 50 or so years of political dictates (in every detail and plus many restraints) having been politically-correctly (quite an oxymoron) forced upon The U.S. Military, their jobs and missions have gotten much more difficult, riskier, dangerous and lethal,...THAN SHOULD EVER NEED BE.

Many (myself included) honestly believe that ALWAYS politically ordering: "America's Finest" into hostile territories to resolve conflicts, where differing factions have longtime or historically hated each others guts, are actually nothing less than a: "Mission Impossible",...if putting such politely.

If not so polite and being more so realistic, continually sending America's Highly Trained (24/7) Combat Troops into historically festering Hot spots worldwide and politically ordering them to NOT OFFEND ANYONE (enemies inclusive) was, is and will always be just plain stupid, asinine and wasteful of Brave & Courageous American Lives.

American Combat Troops trained to kill and break things.
Not trained to be just walking or riding: "Targets of Opportunity" for any Islamic Nut with a weapon.

Doesn't matter that's what America's Leftist Politicians, ACLU, the like-minded Hollywood Crowd and/or War Protesters MUCH PREFER, and would actually like such stupidities going on for another 60 or so years. Killing and destroying a fanatical enemy as any sane nation would try doing for survival,...just doesn't seem going along with their PATRIOTIC (So they say?) agendas.

Though, if all alluded to HONESTLY(?) believe themselves PATRIOTIC(?) by perpetually undermining, protesting and quite stupidly encouraging our Islamic Terrorist Enemies,...HAVE I got a solution that should please EVERYONE (even Islamic Sickos).

A contingent of "THEM" (some UN dignitaries also) INSTEAD should volunteer to go into Iraq for a long stay. If all that ever truly wanted are perpetual stalemates and negotiations with unbelievable and untrustworthy fanatics into infinity,...dis-is-duh-place.

Such should also please America's Brave & Courageous Warriors.
Such would give Military a much needed and well deserved break.
Such most certainly warranted. Don't you think?

The End