High Office OBVIOUSLY: "Scrambles Brains".
by N.R. Filidei (August 30, 2009 - commentary)

Couldn't help notice and especially amongst career-Charlatans of Color, in that inspite of their Masterful Shrewdness, Conniving & Constant Duplicity for Buying or Retaining High Office, many of such turn into Quite Pompous Public Babbling Idiots...without a teleprompters.

For brevity sake here, I will only name 3 examples & proofs of what initially stated.

1. Congresswoman Maxine Waters stating: "Fidel Castro is the wisest man I've ever known" is one-helluva-good-example of a pompously blatant anti-America/Freedom & Liberty" brains having obviously turned to mush.

2. Senator Charlie Rangle whom obviously can't HONESTLY keep his own records & finances straight and/or LEGAL & LEGITIMATE, quite amazingly is charged doing so for ALL U.S. Taxpayers??? WOW!!!,...apparently race or color doesn't matter. The entire U.S. Congress permitting such ALSO come off as fellow or cohorts & thieves.

3. "His Barackness" hell-bent changing Best Medical Delivery System EVER on earth into either FAILING Canadian or European type Health Care, doesn't just insanely defy logic. Such is absolutely Nero-like asininely nation-destroying and certainly proves that sicko American Politics now Scrambles Brains of even Presidents, at best.

Obama & Dems attacking CIA Patriotic America Protectors from Terrorism for the last 8 years rather than attacking Terrorist Islam (every whichway possible) INSTEAD,...doesn't say much for ALL "THEIR" COMBINED BRAINS either.

Guess all such big-time political thieves or nuts(?) alluded to prefer Political-Correctness (epitome of an oxymoron), Power & Control to FREEDOM & LIBERTY, VERY SURVIVAL & LIFE ITSELF? Sure-as-hell seems so to this American so lordly put at risk...THAN SHOULD EVER NEED BE.

The End