Hispaniola, One-Third Confusion
by N.R. Filidei (originally written June 1994 - commentary)

"Hispaniola..." revisited

Granted, anyone currently not caring or not compassionate towards devastated Haitians is about as callous & heartless a being as it gets.

That being unarguable, their recent national tragedy got me to dig out a piece once wrote about Haiti, in 1994. Besides a little history about the place, hope such sheds some light on the Extremely Daunting Aid Task at hand.

Hell,...even during fairest of weather, sans yearly destructive hurricanes (now even a devastating killer earthquake) & all the billion$ in massive aid already spent on this poorest nation of The Caribbean,...Haiti has pretty-much always proved itself: "A Mission Impossible" for both America & World Community.

Whatever, here goes what basically printed in June/July 1994 Issue of BRAVO Veterans Outlook.

Unfortunately, the one-third confusion about the island of Hispaniola is predominatly here in the United States of America. The threat of invading Haiti, a country of 6.3 million people crammed on western third of this island, doesn't even make sense.

I would suggest our government do a little historical research before embarking on sacrificing American Servicemens' Lives, there or anywhere. Thus, they might determine what this latest: "Feel Good" & racially motivated fiasco will achieve.

From 1843 to 1915 Haiti had (22) dictators. In 1915 the U.S. intervened and occupied Haiti until 1934. In its entire history Haiti has had (41) heads of state. Nine declared themselves chief of state for life, and (23) were over-thrown.

In more current history, 29 years of plundering by The Duvaliers & associates for hundreds of millions of dollars has turned Haiti into the poorest nation in our hemisphere. They have a per capita income of $380 a year, with about 50% unemployment.

If The United States was really interested in helping the Haitian People, they could accomplish more with an emergency airlift of food & medicine,...instead of threats of an embargo.

In all frankness as an apparent rational party of one, I'd seriously question how anyone could possibly embargo one-third of any island, anyway? This attempted irrational impossibility shows US (both ways) being outstandingly foolish & naive.

For supporters of Aristide whom belabor the point of his garnering 70% of the votes in this: "Supposed?" democracy,...I would suggest; "A Reality Check". This dictatorship with a 20% literacy rate or any other similarly obvious dictatorships, usually garner closer to 99% of The Vote. Vote wrong and suffer the consequences.

Supposed free elections might appease and placate outsiders, but citizens of Haiti having to deal with reality, certainly know the truth much better. Any elections permitted in obvious dictatorships don't automatically change such to democracies.

All threats & actions might make those on their respective: "Feel Good" & "Racial Bandwagons" seem like they are actually accomplishing something. But, in reality such are only adding fuel to a fire and stiffening the resolve of any tyrants & cliques in command.

As to the many Haitians whom have risked or lost their lives on the perilous sea journey to enter America illegally, such also raises some serious questions.

First-off, why didn't they just stroll over to our embassy with any legitimate requests?
Also, why not just stroll across the border to their much more affluent neighbor Dominican Republic, for a much better way of life?

Most readers should answer the previous questions quite easily. After all, only idiots don't realize by now that any whom can Sneak into America Illegally, will be taken care of by The U.S. Taxpayer..."From The Cradle to The Grave".

Still, America having a much better & more compassionate policy for: "Criminally Illegal Aliens" than Legitimate Immigrants...does boggle the mind. It amazes me that our longtime: "Criminally Illegal Alien Invasion" isn't actually in the Hundreds of Millions.

Obviously & unfortunately The Greatest Nation in History (re: USA) will not be recorded as the most intelligent, and especially about Haiti. All the American blood, sweat & tears (monies also) longtime expended, have basically accomplished little to nothing for Haitians.

The End