World History Repeated, HERE?
by N.R. Filidei (September 9, 2009 - commentary)

Granted, for everyone wise, cynical and wary of politicians in power forcing their wills on The People even here in America, there are usually just as many whom adore such dictatorial politicians/lawyers (or not), The Very End.

Hell,...even some wise History Professors must be similary cynical & wary of now TOTAL USA CONTROLLING Dem Ruling Elite. Unfortunately, even in academe Conservatives are The Impotent Minority. Biased Marxist Professors typically feigning liberalism as their ploy, pretty-much prevail on campuses by about 80-85%, and/or approximately same percentage as hacks of mainstream press/media whom constantly Quite Obama Adoringly usually propagate.

Still, and in fairness to such Big Brother Rule supporters, there are many worldwide whom no doubt still believe Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo, Marx, Lenin or Stalin (Maybe even Caligula also?) were actually their: "Messiah", also. It's just inately rare for even the most politically duped of suckers to EVER admit being so thoroughly suckered,...and every which way disgustingly imaginable under-the-sun. Besides, none ever like being exposed as nationally-suicidal morons or idiot lemmings.

Also, even though one can obviously never know for sure. I certainly never read of any Old Roman leaders or senators constantly bitchin about diverting away attention from national problems from: "The Mob" (as sadly many American Protestors are now called by Ruling Officialdom), while belittling & throwing some of their very own people with opposing lions, tigers & such.

Bitchin about not getting Great Seats in colluseum? Eh? Roman Lords except for attire were pretty sameO-sameO in biased preferentially, demanding absolutely unwarranted respect & unquestioning believability,...just like most of America's current Lordly Rulers obediently expect of: "We The (Schnook$)", nowadays.

Apparently politics no different in 2009 than were way-back-when. If not guaranteeing your vote & large campaign contributions to politicos, one best learn how to ring or whatever kiss, to even get a little of MY/YOUR/OUR VERY OWN MONIES back.

Getting our once Not Selective Freedoms & Liberties back from what now have obviously become Quite Sanitizingly & Societal Engineered by Lordly Rulers these days (?),...I just don't know what the answer to that one is. Is there even one? Hell, National King Obama & Congressional Queen Pelosi certainly don't seem inclined ever being forthright nor GIVING ANY STRAIGHT ANSWERS ABOUT SUCH, or ANYTHING for that matter.

Regardless, let's jump away from such and not forget about that YELLOWIST (both ways) of all Historical & Dictatorial National Deceivers & Destroyers, and/or Tojo.

After all, Ordering His Imperial Japanese Troops of The Twentees, Thirtees & Fourtees to Pillage, Ravage, Rape & Murder about 40-50 (likely even more & will never know?) MILLIONS of Defenseless Asian men, women & children (babies also) at will, most certainly does not portray a very brave or courageous person (military either). Actually and besides obvious calling such: "Despicable Cowards",...the words: "Scum of the earth" (as similarly believing of current Fanatical Muslim Terrorists) also comes to mind.

Betcha-a-million no Japanese Students will ever read such unarguable since Documented Sad Historical Realities about many of their Despicably Fanatical Fathers & Forefathers? Understand quite the opposite and/or a Politically-Correct (epitome of an oxymoron) variation of same WWII & before Wartime History, now taught kiddies plus collegians in Japan.

Though, and in fairness to The Japanese School System, it's not all that much different here in America. Texts here also have been steadily revised to asininely portray all the many diverse nationalities, ethnicities, groups or religions on earth, as to NEVER TO OFFEND ANYONE (Fanatically Murderous Muslim Enemies inclusive). Can only learn TRUE American History at The Library or from The History Channel and/or from un-revised books & films.

It's sadly too bad that besides what obviously now nicey-nicey sanitizingly taught America's Youth, such is pretty-much exactly how current American Leaders are handling Our National Sovereignty, Safety & Wartime National Security. Is such just naivete' or just politically-purposeful? Yes,...even A Dictatorial Regime: "Often works in mysterious ways".

Whatever, and many brain-washings or just gullible naivete's aside, very, very, very wary of ANY career-politicians ADDITIONALLY promissing EVEN Criminally Illegal Aliens: "Pie-in-the-sky" bull, or even The Moon for that matter. Whatever such lords promise YOU or any others,...SOLELY YOU and/or The U.S. Taxpayer will dearly pay for any such. No one else & most certainly NEVER The Mexican Taxpayer. If Illegal Mexicans (or whomever) in America can't go to their embassies for assistance,...why-in-the-hell have Mexican Embassies here?

Besides, lets cut through all the bull pretty-much shovelled out to us on a daily basis or propagated by: "His Barackness" to We Peasants, and/or to those whom Obama obviously considers His, Michelle's, ACORN's, SEIU's, UAW's, GE Ceo Immelt's & MANY OTHER: "CZARS"' (Czarinas' also) Great Big Piggy-Bank.

The-bottom-line, straight-skinny or unarguable truth of the matter,...Is that if it always pontificates like an All-Knowing Superior Being, constantly Rules like an Omnipotent Lord & Master, & always surrounds self with both Marxist & anti-America Money Hungry Confidants & Advisors, matter how well schooled, well versed or slick...such is just not some smooth skinned or plucked quacking duck.

Maybe Nationally Insatiable Vultures might better describe all those of Corrupt Chicago Political Machine, NOW GONE NATIONAL? What do you think: "Pilgrims"? Or, think I'm being much too mellow?

The End