HONEST or NON-Pandering Advice
by N.R. Filidei (7/27/09 - commentary)

Granted: "Eloquent Generalities" by BHO & echoed by both Media & similar continually propagandizing rest of Corrupt Chicago Political Machine,...are basically whom TOTALLY RULE America.

In fact, and since apparently no one can obviously stop latest 6 months of such steamroller type tactics for Dictating We American People, the previous just cannot be denied. Obama is no doubt slick, sly, slippery, masterfully devious & cool for sure. But, and comparatively P.T. Barnum-wise,...he's actually not really All That Great. Pay more so attention to what Barack & Nancy Clique ACTUALLY DO,...and not near as much heed to what such Lords & Ladies daily SAY or DUPLICITOUSLY BULL PROMISE.

Regardless, and on this latest purposefully Black Favorably or Race Preferentially-Perverted Debacle, it would be best for all Americans to not similarly be suckered so-damn-easily, as on all other matters now quite lordly & purposefully contrived.

Also: "Having-a-beer with" or caving-in to those obviously racist or race-preferential types, only benefits "Them". Such SOLELY gives such much more Voice & Power over all We Americans (both in & out of school),...than such: "Societal Engineers" already quite obviously have. Supposedly FREE (?) America now having 32 (plus ever increasing amount) of Dictatorial or Accountable to NO ONE other than Obama: "Czars",...is also quite absurd.

It's further absurd that only Harvard Professor Gates, President Barack Hussein Obama II or Jr. and/or: "His Barackness" as adoringly & quite realistically Brit labelled & Sharptons & like SOLELY made-a-big-deal about a; "Cambridge Reported Burglary Attempt" or possible Home Invasion.

Gates's insultingly & parental disparagingly going the: "Yo' Mama..." route towards the investigating officers, nor Obama's; "Stupidly" & "Without knowing the facts" insulting the Entire Cambridge Police Department most certainly cannot be construed as being very helpful resolving ANY delicate situation,...BY ANY STRETCH. Sharpton & like don't help either.

Cambridge Mayor & others of Local Racial Political Juice causing all charges being dropped against Professor Gates, resolved nothing either. The absolute unarguable truth of the matter is that ONLY Officer Crowley & assisting Officers ACTUALLY did Their Jobs & Sworn Duties. Both Gates & Obama's mouths & actions were/are obviously racially motivated. Plus, what both Swear or Swore To in their lofty positions is also Quite Suspect,...if one is politically-incorrect and/or Totally Honest.

Whatever, I personally believe that it would be quite: "Stupidly" stupid of Officer Crowley to party or kiss-and-make-up with those obviously considering selves better than most, or believing themselves much better than "He" & Cambridge Police Department. That: "We all jus-gotsta learn to git along" ploy is so common when Blacks (Browns also) are rightfully cornered with egg on face or caught with both hands in the cookie jar.

Maybe, just maybe,...both The Prof & Prez should attend one of Highly Decorated Officer Crowley's & longtime teacher of "Sensitivity Classes" classes, INSTEAD. Apparently couldn't hurt either: "Race Card Player". Might even help rest of We Americans survive such types?

Yeah, I know. According to most all politicians, hacks & media voices, there are no such things as Black or Minority Racists or Dark Skinned Race Supremacists. Well,...if instead believing ones own eyes, ears & minds,...one will note that obvious such just IS NOT SO. Never was,...and never will be so.

If doubtful of what stated here,...just try encouraging the establishment of an all White Caucus, all White Organization, all White School or even an all White Miss America,...or even stating belonging to The White Community for that matter.

Guess that all Blacks, Browns & Minorities (foreign nationals also) are actually MUCH MORE EQUAL than the rest of We Americans? And, why not? Haven't such longtime Double Standards & Double Repesentations produced exactly that,...for those Americans (illegal aliens also) more fortunate enough having & taking advantage of such.

Besides, isn't it about time that some of that: "Tolerance & Sensitivity" nicety dribbled over towards We White American Citizens for-a-change, ALSO? Wouldn't that too be at least sort-of: "EQUAL"?

Hey,...none of my family or even friends' ancestors ever bought a slave either here or in Europe, nor were despicable Africans selling their very own African People from Africa to the four corners of The World. Basically,...All Whites I know of have nothing to apologize to ANYONE for. Many gave their lives for Liberty & Freedom. Some even for foreign nationals.

So then, I unequivocatingly state that: "NO ONE (Obama inclusive) need apologize to ANYONE on earth,...for Me, Mine & Fellow White, Black & Brown America Friends. For Selves,...eh? That's a whole different story.

The End