Hospital Records NOT Birth Certificates
by N.R. Filidei (April 28, 2010 - commentary)

All the latest big hullabaloo over some birth certificate validating the U.S. Presidency got me thinking about a time a little while back. Such was when Wife and I were planning to visit relatives in Europe.

The very first thing we had to do since neither ever having had one before, was to get a passport.

After filling out forms and supplying all papers, photos and IDs as required, I received my passport in about 2 weeks. Wife did not. Her application was rejected.

Apparently, and even though she was born in New York State, her (no doubt same for many others also) hospital record of birth didn't mean diddly to U.S. Department of State or America's passport providers, as an official validation of U.S. Citizenry.

She as most all other U.S. Citizens wanting a passport need an Official State Birth Certificate from their state where born. If not born in America, a green bordered document or Certificate of Naturalization will do.

Certainly makes one wonder why President Barack Hussein Obama II or Jr. merely disclosing his: "Long form" hospital record of birth (How many birth records does Obama actually have?) satisfies most everyone?

Guess that: "The Messiah" or current U.S. President (no matter how Suspect of Intent) needs prove his United States Citizenry QUITE DIFFERENTLY? It's that old story. Kings, queens & dictators never have to prove-a-damn-thing.

Regardless, and as most all others applying for a birth cerificate and paying the $15.00 fee required, the wife received her official fancy-schmantzy New York State Birth Cerificate. She then re-applied for her U.S. Passport,...and quite easily got it.

Still, and even though Official Hawaii State Birth Certificates are likely much fancier than those of New York State, did Obama even get a U.S. Passport way-back-when without even having an official State of Hawaii Birth Certificate?

Doesn't the U.S. Embassy in Indonesia require official state birth certificates prior to dispensing U.S. Passports to Americans living there wishing to do foreign travel. I would certainly think so.

In fact, and since a much younger Indonesian Barry Soetoro (now changed back to Barack Hussein Obama) was quite extensively world travelled before, just exactly how did he get a U.S. Passport prior to his finally coming to America, being prestigiously & expensively well schooled & climbing up the political community organizing ladder of Chicago???

Did Barry or Barack even qualify or use an American Passport back then?
Orrrrrrrrrrrr,...were OTHER passports of OTHER nations used back then, instead?

Heard "He" went places Officially Restricted or: Off Limits" to Americans. Is that true?

Also, did a young Barry Soetoro actually apply for and receive a Senator Fullbright Foreign Student Scholarship while living in Indonesia,...or was such just an opposition fabrication?

Aren't such questions reasonable and: "FAIR" to ask?

Do some asininely think such serious questionings makes me a racist?
I know I'm not.

The End