"Instead TALK to Iran & Syria"??
by N.R. Filidei (July 30, 2007 - commentary)

Oh really?    If some American Leaders, ruling elite, career-politicians, ideological zealots or whatever foolishly establish a: “Dialogue” in good faith with Radical & Fanatical Islam instead of destroying our would be annihilators,…everything will just turn out hunky-dory?    Believe that purposeful political one-upmanship deceiving bull and ploy for attaining power & control over all Americans, and I’ll sell you The World Trade Center and/or The Twin Towers…AGAIN.

Levity over a quite serious matter sort-of-aside, all alluded to (a largely supportive press inclusive) can never again say that they and like: “Never inhaled”, nor still do not inhale.   Realistically and sensibly, such drunk with power types can usually be believed about as much as Islamic Rulers, Mullahs or Religious Dictators, and especially when proposing negotiating killing or not killing with avowed murderous assassins,…“In good faith”.   GET REAL.   Innate killers never do anything: “In good faith”, FOOLS.

It would make infinitely more sense trusting Commodities Speculators, Weapons Merchants & United Nations Officials for determining Our Nation’s fate, rather than believing anything coming out of either sides of America’s Leftist Wartime Under-miners & Terrorist Mullahs’ mouths.   “The end justifies the means” types (whether foreign or domestic) just cannot be trusted in any way, shape or form,… whether here in America, Africa, Europe, Asia, or anywhere else on earth.   

And besides, no one need be: “A Rocket Scientist” to realistically conclude the obvious and/or that many Civilian Political Warlords of America’s Officialdom pose a much greater threat to Our very Safety, Security & Survival,…than any avowed to Allah Muslim Mass-Murderers of Infidels worldwide could ever be.

Sure, not all politicians are despicable.   But then, neither are all Muslim Mullahs.  Some of both actually mean well and actually serve and represent their Subjects well,…even though not near enough actually do.  

Well, that’s enough fairness shown staunch ideologues and/or those for whom power & control reigns supreme over all else and all others.   So, let’s get back to exposing political nuts whom daily countenance (actually pontificate) that stupid and self-defeating or politically-correct negotiating and basically capitulating (some say: “Surrendering”) to our blood-thirsty enemies, is the only way to save America from despicable Terrorism.     Such logic is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!

But, and even though quite amazing, that’s just how it is folks.  Many Americans are naïve & gullible and will believe most anything leftist officials tell them, and especially when no end in sight to warfare and daily threats from Islam.  Plus, non-stop political whining repeatedly backed-up and thus validated by a largely Democrat supportive & echoing press & academe, certainly doesn’t help America’s plight.

Still, and in further fairness, if daily repeated often enough from most informative venues most people on earth will believe just about anything, and even the most absurd of politically purposeful lies and deceits.   One need only use one example like Hitler’s Germany, to prove that very point.   Stalin, Mussolini,Tojo, Jong-il, Amin, Hussein, Komeini and Bin Laden further examples of despicable leaders longtime having their tyrannical ways with the masses.  
Guess such due to great awe of authority?    

Regardless, and unfortunately even worse than all the above national lunatics of both past & present, many: “Democrat/Socialist/Leftists posing as Liberals” daily even pit one American against the other during wartime, INSTEAD of wisely unifying all Americans against our common enemy and/or Fanatical & Barbaric Islam.    Same American Leftists encouraging Muslim Mass-Murderers by their daily demoralizing antics (every which way possible) of both population and Our Troops,…not very nice, bright or sensible either.   “Weirdsville USA” has now gotten even weirder.

Fortunately though, Republican/Conservative Leaders still have some clout regarding fights to the deaths between nations, ideologies and religions and/or that dirty warfare business.  Republicans in general (unlike most Democrat Leaders & wannabies) take warfare and being under attack by Fanatical Islam quite seriously.   Sure, not as seriously as our avowed killers and would be destroyers from Islam do.   But, Republicans are definitely much more serious about winning The War on Terror, than Democrats will ever be.   In only a few months, Democrats themselves have proved that very point.

Hell,…if  solely watching & listening to Dems on Nationwide TV or reading newspapers articles about them over the last few years,…one would think that: “9/11” just never happened.  Well, not always anyway.   When blaming Bush and instead letting Clinton off the hook for: “9/11”, The Islamic mass-murdering sneak attack & Declaration of War, does occasionally come up. 

Excusing Failures & Diverting Blame are two major and benign Democrat political fortes.     Whereas, under-mining during wartime and encouraging enemy while demoralizing America’s Troops, are differently Quite Lethal Democrat Faults.   Truly feel sorry for The U.S. Military.

Whatever, and for the life of me, I’ll never understand why so many Americans (both Democrat & Republican) continually and quite foolishly and stupidly War Protest amongst We The Victimized or most likely: “Civilian Targets of Opportunity” and/or The Primary Infidel Targets of Murderously Fanatical & Blood-thirsty Muslims?   Are such Americans just plain nuts?

Sure, notables like John F. Kerry & Bill Clinton were once War Protesters and even worse.  But,… SO WHAT?   Just like: “Hanoi Jane” Fonda helpfully encouraging the enemy, neither should have young political climbers done so either.  In fairness, Kerry didn’t treasonably do so on foreign soil.

Though, and if TRULY so-hell-bent against war (?), why not instead take practical junkets with your large contingents of career- War Protesters abroad, and/or where TRULY warranted and needed.   No doubt Our many multi-national haters & attackers will be just as understanding and appreciative of what you stupidly do,…as are many Americans here (tee-hee & just jokin).

The End