BEST Fail, Bail or Jail???
by N.R. Filidei (11/28/08 - commentary)

Just think about it sensibly & pragmatically and/or basically apolitically,...for-a-change.
Would any other sane people on earth knowingly give "THEIR" (a key word) Money generously to: "Bail-out" obvious longtime mismanagers & quite greedy self/clique-enriching/aggrandising entities & people? Of course not.

Here in America just as in many other nations, the only way such an overall misplaced societal generosity can occur is if FORCED TO and/or as politically & institutionally dictated doing, is quite common to most Socialist or Big Brother Ruled type nations.

Regardless: "Pilgrims" and/or U.S. Citizen Taxpayers, just slice-it or dice-it anyway liked. But, such is exactly how EVEN MORE VAST SUMS of U.S. Taxpayer Funds are currently being bipartisanly and quite cavalierly ear-marked for Doling Out.

More so than ever before MY/YOUR/OUR MONIES are pretty-much being typically treated as if some-sort-of Monopoly Money, for Big Brother Officialdom to dispense at whim.

Hope: "The Almighty Buck" and/or U.S. Dollar's Value keeps on holding up under such standard frittering & squandering-away of America's Tax Collected Funds? I don't relish having to use a wheelbarrow instead of wallet or purse to go shopping. Nor, should any other American ever have to do such as was in old post-War Germany, either.

Amazingly even more troubling than a possible Devaluation of The U.S. Dollar, is that most of Very Same People (re. Corporate CEOs & Financial Officers, SEC People & Government Leaders & Financial,Banking & Economy Oversight Committees) initially either causing or blindly & ineptly permitting: "America's Financial Breakdown",...are THE Very Same People NOW quite stupidly STILL Trusted to rectify what SHOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED NOR FRAUDULENTLY & INEPTLY BEEN PERMITTED DOING, in the first place.

WOW!!!,...that: "Only in America" quip is no longer as funny as it used to be, to me.
Nor, should that way how longtime worldwide mocked of US (both ways) be still thought funny by any U.S. Citizens/Taxpayers and/or PAYERS FOR EVERYTHING (excessive money printing inclusive).

Still, one can't help but see some levity to it all. A country that pretty-much was born waringly since not wanting to pay A HALF CENT on a dollar and/or: "The Stamp Tax" to British Lords, quite sheepishly & obediently let their current American Political Lords take whatever-the-hell they LIKE or WANT from us. Funny? Isn't it?

Whatever, even: "The Second Coming" Obama or highly touted World Saviour bringing all people of earth together (Supposedly Even Age Old Enemies?), can't possibly fix or rectify The BIGGEST Corporate & Governmentally Sanctioned/Permitted Public Rip-offs or Frauds, in World History.

Cool, smooth and slick talk only works well in politic$ and $olely benefit$ all politician$, their friend$, a$$ociate$, affiliated or those $omeway beholding to politician$, ALONE. Quite the opposite so for the vast majority and/or Private Sector Middle Class Citizenry. We're all just "Their" Great Big Piggy-bank. Nothing more, nothing less.

Besides, what good can ever come for The U.S. Citizenry by further rewarding & entrusting either greedy, corrupt or just plain inept managers or Official: "Fat Cats" of both The Private & Public Sectors?? Shouldn't quite harsh treatment be in order for all such American Lords & Ladies & Ruling Elite Mismanagers, INSTEAD?

Hey,...don't get me wrong. I'm not inferring to go: "On to the guillotine, Citizens!" as in those Liberty & Freedom acquiring Days of Old,...which no doubt MANY Americans now struggling, loosing jobs & homes due the governmentally permitted Economic Fiasco, could sensibly, rightfully & righteously demand.

Guess that I'm just a pussy-cat and/or more mellow towards or understanding of Pompous Lords, than most? Would be satisfied just jailing all such Greedy Societal Abusers. Though, getting some of OUR Monies back INSTEAD of sinking EVEN MORE VAST SUMS into an obviously insatiable Government Black Sink Hole,...couldn't hurt either.

However, expecting & requiring SOLELY The U.S. Taxpayer to: "Tighten their belts" punishingly while letting those proved guilty of Dereliction of their Official or Corporate Duties skate free & even be further rewarded, a-tad-bit-much. Don't you think?

What next? Will Senators & Congressmen(women also) in future similarly receive large bonuses for Failures, Ineptitude towards their charges & Displaying Downright Fiscal Greed, ALSO? Sure-as-hell seems like the truly sick path that Our Political Lords & Masters (Mistresses also) are currently on.

Maybe in the future Political Leaders & Appointees should be required some accountability, performing some worthwhile service or producing some needed product for their pay? And, why not? Don't serve or produce anything, and just don't get paid. Basically that's what most other Americans have to do to survive. Why should The People's:"Servants" (actually quite some joke) do any less?

The End