"WOW!!!,...Give US (both ways) a Break JOE"
by N.R. Filidei (September 10, 2009 - commentary)

WOW!!!,...give US (both ways) a break JOE.
A grownup actually apologizing to SUPPOSED (?) Fellow Grownups for spouting merely one unarguable truth,...even defies logic.

It was/is absolutely absurd of Rep. Joe Wilson to apologize to ANYONE, much less to gaggle of career-Pompous Lordly Phonies (re. most in U.S. Congress). Hey,..."If the shoe fits...".

Hell, Joe. Just because only you had the guts openly saying to a proven Constantly Purposeful Liar and/or: "His Barackness" Obama; "YOU LIE",...most definitely is not something to apologize for. FAR FROM IT. Don't cave-into pompous lordly jack-asses even during EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE to U.S. Taxpayer LORDLY SELLING or CONCERTED RIP-OFF SEMINARS.

In fact, if more Republican, Independent or EVEN Democrat Leaders were just as FORTHRIGHT, HONEST & GUTSY as you from about 2 years ago,...it's much more than likely that We Americans would not be suffering The Quite Lordly & Ever Increasingly Dictatorial Rule being shoved down our collective throats, TODAY.

Our Forefathers might not even be rolling over in graves in disgust (as no doubt are), if HONESTY prevailed INSTEAD of The Congressionally Duplicitous Norm.

Regardless, if more Republicans were similarly AS GUTSY & not fearful of TYPICALLY Vindictive Dems, more likely than not Obama would still be just: "The Top Gun" Democrat; "Community Organizer" for ACORN & most nationally prominent poster boy for Chicago's Corrupt Dem Political Machine, alone.

So, Mr. Wilson,...NEVER apologize for being HONEST to ANYONE & especially to all pompous lords, gods or asses...FOR ANYTHING!!! In that context I thank you for your RARE HONEST CONGRESSIONAL SERVICE to Country.

Would there were more SO HONEST in the U.S. Congress like yourself, Obama, Pelosi, Rangle & Franks (TEE-HEE - just sarcastically jokin-can't help it-it's inate.)?

The End