Jordan IS Palestine
by N.R. Filidei (May 27, 2011 - commentary)

Even though wars often change names of nations and territories, homelands never change. Doesn't matter whether even President Barack Hussein Obama II or Jr. joins all and Muslim Crowd that: "Calls for a Palestinian State" being established within tiny little Israel.

Such is bogus and totally absurd since a large Palestinian State already exists,...and even larger and more vast than ever before. Same time (1947) Nazi friendly Palestine was taken away from them and given to The Jordanian Saudi Royals, a good size chunk of Syria was also taken away by the Allies and gifted to the newly established Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Thus, it's quite rare hearing such TRUE history nowadays. Actual truths about Palestine make worldwide hatred of The Jews or Israelis appear even more hypocritically-duplicitous than usual. Duplicitous Muslim Brotherhood certainly can't have that.

If all obviously duped world leaders, rulers, marxist dictators or whatever finally came to their senses, they might then realize just how badly they've been longtime suckered by ISLAMIC Israel ("Little Satan") & America ("Big Satan") HATERS and/or millions of Radically Fanatical Muslim Extremists?

Maybe even Obama too would wise up & stop apologetically negotiating with such deviously evil types, also? Hey, never know?

So then,...let's just cut through all that constant DUPLICITOUS BULL longtime inflamming & engulfing the entire volatile Middle East, perpetrated over having ANOTHER Palestinian State. While at it, why not just leave teeny-weeny little Israel alone and be honest for-a-change.

If worldwide, Middle East and Jihad Muslim Extremists are TRULY interested in peace (some joke) and not just typically and fanatically intent mass-murdering Americans & Jews wherever can be found (the norm),...Saudis should just give vast expanse of actual Palestine back to The Palestinians, plus that big chunk of Syria also taken away back to The Syrians.

If that doesn't satisfy & gratify EVERYONE (Palestinians & 70% of Jordan's population STUPIDLY calling selves REFUGEES in their very own homeland inclusive)...then screw all Arabs & Muslims, One & All. Such people deserve no better.

People Stupidly not fighting for survival every whichway possible and letting Muslims achieve their despicable ends or agenda of domination or World Caliphate, aren't very bright nor to be commended either. Negotiating with: "Sworn to Allah Infidel Killers", just PLAIN STUPID!!!

The End