"...Will Be Brought to Justice"?
by N.R. Filidei (August 22, 2007 - commentary)

Though no doubt very reassuring to some when hearing that Islamic Terrorist Mass-Murderers of: “Defenseless men, women and children (babies also) Infidels”: “Will Be Brought to Justice”, such must certainly ring hollow for The Many already mercilessly dispatched to eternity by Islamic Fanatics. Same also of very little consolation to the surviving relatives, friends and remaining fellow countrymen and/or future likely: “Primary Soft Targets of Opportunity for Fanatical Mass-Murderers of Islam”. 

Granted, bringing The Innately Murderous Breed to Justice prevails since the politically-correct norm or such as is typical of many asinine political pandering displays of over-sensitivity towards most everyone on earth (deadly enemies inclusive) over the years. Whereas, DIFFERENTLY & SENSIBLY destroying terrorist training camps, havens or countries and killing as many of such mass-murderers as are possible INSTEAD, is just simply out of the question due usual politically-correct dictates (both here & abroad).

Avenging MANY American Lives lost due terrorism (both civilian & military) and Winning War On Terror is never a top priority for MANY in The U.S. Congress and “Their” overwhelmingly leftist-supporters & echoers since quite similarly bent, of the mainstream press/media. Most such political supremacist ideologues mainly prefer backing and championing likely Democrat or Big Brother type election candidates and office holders INSTEAD,…and each other of course.

Sensibly Uniting all We Americans for the fight and defense of America against our Terrorist Attackers and Surviving as A Free, Sovereign & Independent Nation, apparently not all that very important to such feverishly-bent career-politicians and supportive political journalists (?) .

Regardless, and a whole slew of nationally-suicidal politicians, journalists and/or wartime under-miners alluded to aside, it truly doesn’t matter one iota whether that typical rhetoric of bringing mass-murderers to justice rhetoric was spouted by Carter, Reagan, Clinton, Bush or whomever in authority.  During this All Out War Declared on America & Free World by Fanatical Islam, such political reassurances not reassuring in the slightest, and especially as to stopping Islam’s fanatically-suicidal mass-murders.  

Even though the well meaning and victim family-soothing platitude has been repeated by people-pandering & reassuring high officials often enough, such still pretty-much meaningless and worthless.  Fanatical Muslims must fear American Justice just about as much as most other foreign nationals do,…and quite rightfully so. Probably even a-hell-of-lot-less?     

Besides and historically, no murderous tyrants and their fanatically evil & obedient minions were ever: “Brought to Justice” during wartime, and especially while on A Worldwide Offensive as Islamo/Fascists ARE ON RIGHT NOW.   Nor, do perpetual defenders always on: “Alert” or Americans always:  “Just waiting for the other (enemy) shoe to drop”, rarely ever get to bring any of their constant attackers TO JUSTICE.    Except for the few treasonably odd American sickos captured,…such just not very likely.   

Only after enemies are defeated & totally destroyed and all hostilities have ended can mass-murderers still alive and captured be tried and convicted (or not) for crimes and atrocities perpetrated against humanity.   Then, and only then can TRUE Justice be Served by The UCMJ and/or The United States Court of Military Justice.

Naturally, all Allied Military Courts are welcome to join in with their lawyers & judges and bring or supply ropes, ammo, vendors, popcorn or whatever, and thus the proceedings can be carried on: “According to Hoyle”.    Then, those warranted will either be set free, given long jail sentences or  hanged or executed accordingly by firing squads,…and/or as such joint Military Tribunals so decree.

No doubt many ACLU Outcries will arise over the: “Fairness” of such trials.  But, any weird, kinky or bogus promises made captured: Muslim Mass-Murderers (like: “The 72 Virgins”), will just have to be addressed later by: “An all merciful Allah”.   America’s Constitution is solely for Americans, and Western Military Judges are not pimps usually promising the most absurd & insane of things to “Their” charges.

Yeah, that’s right: “Pilgrims”    The American Constitution solely applicable for The U.S. Citizenry (whether treasonable or not), and most certainly wasn’t penned or meant for safeguarding the rights of any foreign national illegal aliens or any captured foreign national combatants.   All foreign nationals have their own constitutions to rely upon, and only idiots expect: “72 Virgins”.

And besides, both type foreign criminals alluded to have embassies here (or at least should have) for their defense (or not) in many American Cities.   The U.S. Taxpayer should solely be required paying for any deportations, jailing or executions needed. That’s how it used to be about 30-40 years ago, and/or prior America’s longtime stupid, nonsensical and quite nationally-suicidal Political-Correctness Era. Hope that most troublesome in American History Era soon comes to an end, and sanity prevails?

Also, remember The Nuremberg Trial for Nazis and similar for defeated Imperial Japan and others?   Even if don’t, must realize that only THE WINNERS got to or will ever get to hold such trials or tribunals for mass- murderers.   LOSERS (PC or not) never get the chance to hold such trials.  Not possible.  

Then too, and since warfare should never be stupidly politicized (as is now & has longtime been), American & Allied Civilian Warlords better soon get their acts together, start thinking grownup and become as united in effort and resolve at killing & destroying the enemy, such as leaders of the armies of fanatical Islamo/Fascists daily do NOW.    If not, the entire Free World will forever remain in deep excrement and/or: “Between a rock (Iraq also) and a hard place”. 
Logic so dictates,…and so does Fanatical Islam.       

Certainly can’t rely on patience of Muslim Killers FOREVER, even though already having patiently fought SEVEN previous 100 Year Holy Wars.   Might intend making this latest and/or EIGHTH despicably mass-murdering Islamic Holy War, much shorter?   Believing that: “Non-existent WMDs” will FOREVER remain; “Non-existent” to Arab Killers, would be just as stupid a belief.

Nor, should any sane people or leaders believe for a second that those 54 or so missing, lost or unaccounted for Soviet Dirty Nuclear Suitcase Bombs miraculously: “Will be (or have been) turned into plowshares”.    Infinitely wiser to believe in absurdist of fairytales, than believing what comes out of American Leftist Deceivers and/or Pompous Cavalier Political Supremacist mouths. 

Better start using your very own minds, eyes and ears INSTEAD for-a-change, if truly interested in survival and that: “Right to Life, Liberty & Pursuit of Happiness” thingy.    Plus, never forget that Political-Correctness and Political Science are both quite oxymoronic, and mostly that neither Ever Saved ANYAMERICAN LIVES.  Quite the opposite is true.  Nationally Detrimental Dictates & Policies saving MANY foreign lives & Gifting U.S. Citizen Rights to MANY foreign nationals,…O F   C O U R S E .

The End