KGB or Progressive Sheriff
by N.R. Filidei (1/15/11 - commentary)

Now even unconscionable mass-murders & mayhem being nationally politicized as most everything in America (the norm) by mindless: "Talking Heads" in authority, got me talking to myself the other day.

"Damn",...I thought. "I'm now starting to strangely think like Dennis Miller".

Even though never having met Mr.Miller, he's one of my honesty, common sense & intellectual idols.
Denny Boy is pretty-damn-funny, also.

Regardless, and even though farfetched or off-the-wall comparing Sheriff Clarence Dupnik of Pima County, Arizona to any KGB type authorities,...what might seem silly to some MUST NOW BE DONE. That: "Progressive", Marxist and/or communist comparison in the title differently speaks for itself.

Besides, what other type of High Law Enforcement Officials would ever dare publicly use their positions so despicably against ANY & ALL opposing their Political Supremacist Party?

Still, it must be admitted that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder also makes another good example of such politically slanted or biased law enforcement types. A Great Example!

However, and in fairness to any KGB Sheriffs (if such even exist?),...I just cannot believe that any Russian or Ivanovich type Cops would ever react so cavalierly stupid in public, over any similar national travesties. In backrooms? Steam rooms? Rallies? Eh?

Whatever, flat-out clueless DDD (re. typical Diversionary Dem Dupnik) publicly & nationwide blaming Beck, Limbaugh, O'Reilly, etc., & other conservative notables as reasons for that Arizona Carnage was truly quite asinine. Such perversions of reality don't even make sense in that godly-pompous & Surreal Ruling Elite World of Washington, DC.

After all, none of those conservative non-violence advocating notables alluded to ever even heard of Jared Loughner, prior to his lethal rampage. Nor did Sicko Killer Loughner ever hear or listen to them, either.

WHEREAAAASSSSSSSSS,...Super Sheriff Dupnick & plenty of his Pima County Sheriff Deputies knew-damn-well that Jared was: "A Walking Time Bomb" just waiting to go off.

So did many students, professors & administrators on campus SIMILARLY know that such a Deadly Volatile Threat to Society like Jared was in their midst. Ditto-ditto his family & friends.

Basically none whom knew blew the whistle, dropped-a-dime on him, or even contacted any authorities about A QUITE OBVIOUSLY BIG TROUBLE comin-down-the-pike.

Thus, it's no wonder why such a dirty little secret was so well kept from FBI Records & made Jared's LEGALLY acquiring both guns & ammo so-damn-easy. Squeeky-clean backgrounds & records usually work quite well for traveling or flying anywhere, acquiring weapons & ammo at gun shops or whatever.

Basically mass-murdering nut Laughner could have LEGALLY purchased a 50 caliber machinegun if so choosed. So can anyone with a clean record & enough money for purchasing such, enough money for a high registration fee.

Still, one does wonder why all the absurdly misplaced blaming for such murderous behavior on obvious patriots, by Sheriff Dupnik? Could such be nothing more than some ploy or Grand Diversion from an obvious Malfeasance of Office & Dereliction of Duty in Pima County?

Hell, church's small carnival (bingo also) records everything & usually has more police security than obviously NOT SUPPLIED in that large gathering in Tucson. Heard Bill O'Reilly last night say that he had more security at small book signings than Giffords & friends had at such a large gathering. Why is that?

The End