LONG OVERDUE King Tut Sarcasm
by N.R. Filidei (2/5/11 - commentary)

Since ruling elite insist that taking more & more of MY/YOUR/OUR and/or U.S. Taxpayer monies from We People have resolved most all of America's & world's problems over the years,...why not similarly help out those poor Egyptians?

That 1.5 or 3 BILLION$ yearly to Egypt (depends on whom counting) gifted from We U.S. Taxpayers as Foreign Aid FOR THIRTY YEARS must seem like chump-change to people of that: "Lush land of The Nile"?

Hell,...about 10X that 1.5 BILLION$ amount must easily have been waisted on Haiti last year alone? Since 1915 to 1934 U.S. Marine intervention down there, God Only knows how many BILLION$ in U.S. Taxpayer Monies were quite lordly squandered in that other Exceptionally Big U.S. Taxpayer Money Sinkhole called: "Haiti".

Thus, isn't it about time that similar minority pandering or Quite Asinine Political-Correctness (epitome of an oxymoron) dictates we at least double or triple American Foreign Aid to: "Land of The Pharoahs", pyramids, golden death masks & camel jockeys? Some Egyptians are dark skinned, also.

Just imagine how many more TRUE friends: "Mo Money" from we perpetually Generous Sucker$ can buy for US (both ways) in Egypt & throughout the entire Middle East? Maybe even Historical Infidel Haters and/or Muslim Brotherhoods' love for We American Infidels can also be bought?

Hey,...you never know? Sure, such lordly stupid or naively dictatorial squandered monies never in reality produce any TRUE friends. Just phony or greedy: "Fair weather friends". But,...so what?

Maybe this time & not like Iran of '79, both typically Fundamental Islamic Supremacists & Radical Muslim Brotherhood Thugs will be satisfied receiving much larger Pay-Offs or much grander scale Protection Monies for not killing as many Infidels, as preferred?

After all, millions & millions of fancy prayer rugs (once Persian & now Iranian) & AK-47 combos for first conquering little Israel & then rest of Infidel World (TRUE Objective)...DON'T COME CHEAP!!!

Neither are explosives & high-tech explosive devices needed for typically targeting & mass-murdering Defenseless Men, Women & Children (babies also) Infidels, inexpensive either.

So then all you typical millionaire & multi-millionaire managers (actual lordly career-mismanagers) of American People's Money,...stop being so-damn-chintsy with Egyptians & Poor Arabs. Merely: "Change" America's dictatorially-biased/preferential policies & priorities as lordly wanted (The American norm). That's all.

Screw that perpetually wasted gifting of FREE schooling, medical & in MANY cases even costly incarcerations for criminals & gangs (Many in Mexican & Southern Jails must buy food.) sneaking through America's quite insecure & porous Southern Border.

Then too, MANY Millions of Criminally Illegal Aliens LONGTIME & QUITE ILLEGALLY jumping ahead of LEGITIMATE IMMIGRANTS on QUOTAS of 10-15-20 years for: "Coming to America",...IS MORE THAN JUST NOT FAIR!!! Just try jumping to front of line at supermarket, bank or Unemployment Office,...Fools?!?

Regardless, ruling elite instead divert same MANY BILLION$ & BILLION$ yearly to The Egyptian People, who knows? Maybe a little gratitude to: "We The (Schnook$)" and/or U.S.Taxpayer or Big Brother's Great Big Piggybank,...might FINALLY be forthcoming? Egyptians overall seem like a fairly decent & appreciative lot.

Still,...don't hold your breath. U.S. Taxpayer monies have so constantly been taken for granted & accustomed receiving JUST TO-DAMN-LONG, by both American & World Leaders & Many People (historical enemies inclusive) worldwide.

Besides, and since charlatans & connivers thanking: "Marks" or Suckers for anything is so-damn-rare or absurd expecting in the first place,...why-in-the-hell expect any differently from even many so-called Good, Friendly or Moderate Egyptians?

Egyptians in general aren't stupidly suicidal. Openly praise Americans in King Tut Territory & likely be assassinated by Egypt's variation of worldwide Muslim Terrorists and/or The Muslim Brotherhood.

Quite sadly & unfortunately,...that's just how it is Folks.
Best We Americans can do is just Hope & Pray for The Best. Amen.

The End