Legion, VFW, Woodbridge & NJ Biased
by N.R. Filidei (2/27/08 - commentary)

In all honesty and practicality it must be stated that The American Legion, VFW, Woodbridge Township and State of New Jersey Do Not honor ALL Honorable Veterans equally and fairly.  As a homeowner in Woodbridge for about 43 years I can attest to and will even swear under oath to that.  Large sign in front of Town Hall supposedly honoring ALL Veterans is very deceptive & deceiving.

Naturally, all so disparagingly alluded to will no doubt self/clique-serving/covering and adamantly disagree with what I have just sworn to be: “The whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God”.   Such is to be expected.  After all, no hierarchies, bureaucrats or officials ever like being exposed as preferentially bigoted and/or as actually are,…and have been so For Quite Some Time.

“Totally HONEST Neil” swearing and all, still don’t believe me? Well then, then just check-out the quite insulting, disgusting and large scale Biased  Veteran Disparity for yourselves.

As a new homeowner in 1964 I was amazed when told by some Township Official that since I didn’t Serve Country during: “The CORRECT Years” (ironically identical toqualifying years on back of both Legion& VFW cards), I like Many Other Honorable Veterans of New Jersey simply didn’t/don’t qualify for the piddling Veterans Property Tax Exemption.

Years later when approached for joining on their recruitment drives by some Post Commanders, I was further amazed that even The American Legion & VFW were just as stupidly chronological at determining which Veterans are Worthy & Meritorious (or not), and thus qualifying for membership.

In essence, Many Honorable Veterans like myself (for about half of the last 50 or so years) were/are insultingly deemed or decreed unworthy of joining the heroic American Legion or VFW (being “Guests” OK), nor receiving New Jersey’s  Veterans Property Tax Exemption.  Have Wrong Dates of Service?  Stay away.  

Regardless, I personally believe all such supremacist hypocrites alluded to are absolutely Disgusting, Despicable, Dishonorable & Shameful,…at minimum.   Quite arrogantly superior also,…don’t you think? 

Besides, why should so many in Legion & VFW having served bravely & courageously as clerk typists, sweepers, embassy guards on The French Riviera (and other hot spots) and even as Brig or Stockade detainees be solely honored, respected & gifted by The Taxpayers of The State of New Jersey? Get Real all you Tax Collectors & Dispensers.

My 1 year National Guard Service (50th Recon Bn.-Westfield) and 3 year RA Service to Country (1955-58) with 10th Recon Co/10th Mountain Div, and later:     “The A Troop” of 3rd Recon Sqdn / 7th Cav  with 28 months on the Czech/West German Border (much time on lock & Load), was at least of some value & worthwhile to Country.   Wasn’t it?   The: “Cold War” wasn’t actually all that safe & peaceful, fools.   There were casualties.

Same-o, same-o applies on behalf of millions of other Veterans nationwide having similarly served proudly during what Superior Fellow Americans pompously decree as being: “The WRONG Years of Service”.

The End