Another Dictated Foreign Aid Lunacy
by N.R. Filidei (9/30/10 - commentary)

Lately Americans forced suffering typical Progressive/Socialist/Marxist/Communist FAILED POLICIES aside, what about that other never ending lunacy being perpetrated in Gulf of Mexico also?

During Worst Economy & Loss of Most Jobs Ever in History, why-on-earth was oil drilling stopped in The Gulf...SOLELY FOR American Oil Companies? Didn't "They" Pay-Off Correct Officials enough?

Regardless, same typical cavalier lordliness put MANY thousands of American drillers, oil workers & related & supportive of oil industry workers OUT OF JOBS. For all in Gulf surrounding states alreading suffering quite devastated economies in general,...such Nationally-Suicidal Decrees are even More Deplorable.

Even More Disgusting than America's Ruling Elite being so-damn-PRO foreign nations & foreign nationals' well beings OVER We Americans, is that constant pandering & capitulating to Mexico (others also) NONSENSE. Hell! America is A Sovereign Nation also,...Fools!

No, No, No. I wasn't alluding to the no doubt Millions of Jobs gone: "South of The Border,...down Mexico way" over the last 20-30 or so years here,...even though permitting such was Bad Enough A Greatest of Failures in National Leadership.

I was referring to the Even More BILLION$ of MY/YOU/OUR and/or U.S. Taxpayer monies being drunken sailor or big lottery winner-like gifted (American Foreign Aid norm) to Mexico.

Seems that the poor & destitute National Oil Company of Mexico would like to INCREASE their already Many oil drilling sites in The Gulf. Let's not forget about We Suckers helping out Poor George Soros & his Brazilian offshore oil drilling ventures, also

Sooooooooooooooo then & naturally, whom else should any expect to so stupidly pick up Big Tabs...even for billionaire: "Fat Cats"? "We The (Schnook$)" of course,...AS ALWAYS.

Amazing, isn't it??? While pretty-much destroying American Oil Industry by Royal Fiat or basically propagandizing such as Big Oil is nasty UN-Green & Foulest of Bad Guys imaginable, We The American Taxpayer mu$t help & A$$I$t (as usual) most all OTHER Oil Industries on earth.

Since currently America itself is quite strapped, I wonder if We Americans are still unknowingly forced A$$I$TING fanatical Middle East Sheiks, Iranians, North Koreans & other enemies?

Not sure about Cuba, Venezuela & other nations whom typically receive American Foreign Aid for offshore drilling or whatever other wants from U.S. Taxpayers, even though most such actually despise The USA?

Still, and given America's own current lordly dictates that American Citizen/Taxpayer FOREVER ASSIST foreign nationals (even enemies) MORE SO & OVER Americans no matter what,...still financially aiding Enemy & obviously UNfriendly Nations wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.

Guess I've just gotten used to Ruling Biases & Foreign Ideologies & Preferentialities by my/our Omnipotent Lords & Ladies & Overall Masters (?),...just like no doubt most Old Germans, Kenyans & Soviets of the past were once forced getting used to same.

Well, least if lucky & not first jailed or executed? It's historically factual that promisses of: "Share The Wealth" Nirvanas by Fanatical Ideologue Rulers/Dictators to the Duped, Conned or Big Time Suckered Faithful, NEVER COME TRUE. Same as all fairytales.

The realities instead about most all such Arrogant & Audacious Rulers as alluded to are actually quite different than whatever promised .

So then, just be prepared sufferring the severest of Caligula or Viciously Vindictive type consequences,...when OPPOSING such Dictatorial Breeds in any way, shape or form.

When The TRUTH about & TRUE Intents of Career-People-Manipulators are finally exposed,...Americans better WATCH OUT!!! Total Power & Control IS JUST THAT: "Pilgrims".

The End