USA's Marxists or Dem: "Community Organizers RULE!!!
by N.R. Filidei (December 24, 2009 - commentary)

By now, even the most carefree, complacent and apathetic American Voters must now realize the quite troubling sad obvious. Such being as the title of this piece quite specifically states, and/or that: "USA's Marxists or Dem: 'Community Organizers' RULE"!!!

Unfortunately, America's TOTALLY CONTROLLING: "Democrat/Socialist/Leftist Political Supremacist Rulers posing as Liberals" & all beholding & benefitting from Marxist: "Share The Wealth" DICTATES,...see absolutely nothing wrong about such.

Matters not whether current tyrannical lords & ladies now quite pridefully & smirkingly refer to selves as: "Progressives" (another word for Communists or Marxists). One Party Rule excluding Any & All Opposition STINKS,...and has no place whatsoever in America. Thought We got rid of such Despicable Lordliness, circa 1776?

Still, have both Our Current Government and Press in general just gone Bonkers or Nuts?
Both make a big deal about political corruption in Afghanistan, Iraq, and even Iran,...while displaying next to no concern whatsoever about what NOW PROVED being the most overall Politically Corrupt Nation on earth. That's Right! No nation has ever had more Voter Fraud charges & indictments than current Good Old US of A.

Though and many obvious Constitutional Travesties aside, isn't it amazing how so little (if any?) outrage is being displayed by The Citizenry here in: "The Land of The Free & Home of The Brave"? Wha-Hoppened???

Way-back-when in Colonial Times the taxpayers got all-bent-out-of-shape from being taxed a lousy Half Cent on a Dollar, for tea. An entire shipload of King George's Tea being dumped into Boston Harbor is historically referred to as: "The Boston Tea Party".

Whereas nowadays EVEN MORE SO pompous, arrogant & dictatorial lords & ladies hell-bent trying to reap Vast Taxes from everything imaginable under-the-sun (even amazingly The Climate),...pretty-much receive nary a whimper from "Their" Obedient Subjects. What an absolutely amazing overall timidity & national embarrassment! Even French display more guts.

Whatever, The U.S. Taxpayer and/or PAYER OF EVERYTHING on American Soil and many other parts of The World better soon wake up, before tyrants become too-damn-well intrenched. Hey. It's better late than never DEMANDING Representation AS PERPETUALLY PAID FOR. We can always worry about jailing such Public Connivers & Thieves later.

Regardless, this too is very important remembering, and it shouldn't matter one iota that so many governments (local, state & federal) quite pompously & actually believe otherwise. Public Servants and/or Political Leaders, Political Appointees & all Workers in The Public Sector WORK FOR US and/or: "We The People".

We The U.S. Citizen/Taxpayer DO NOT WORK FOR "THEM" nor any other national leaders.
So don't let so many in government, press & sanctimonious others keep fooling you otherwise,...the longtime norm. Instead,: "The truth shall set you free"...Again.

For those obedient followers whom quite timidly wouldn't dare offend a Democrat Official or Democrat authority figure in a million years (no doubt describing many) & still stupidly believing that Big Brother Government ALWAYS KNOWS BEST,...give the following some serious thought also.

Just because some Brits quite adoringly referred/refer to President Barack Hussein Obama II or Jr. as: "His Barackness",...DOES NOT make him The King of America. Sure he lordly pontificates & dictatorially rules like one & actually believes himself one. But, what?

Neither is Democrat Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi actually a queen, nor TOTALLY DEM CONTROLLED U.S. Congress a Royal Court either,...even though both NOW DICTATING as such.

So then all you lordly fools & hypocrites (press in large part inclusive), stop treating all We Americans as YOUR DAMN SUBJECTS. This is still America. It's not Europe, Middle East or Asia as YOU like,...YET.

Want to TRULY: "Change" things for The Better here? Then first & foremost: "Change" America's Political System back to that of A People Representative Democracy. All national challenges, difficulties & problems should then just fall into place. Easy enough?

The End