Are Mexicans of Less Value?
by N.R. Filidei (12/11/12 - commentary)

Ever wonder why our American Leaders, Rulers or Dictators and their largely supportive and rubber-stamping mainstream press/media seem much more concerned about some foreign nationals, rather than some others?

Mexican and Syrian killings or mass-murderings are quite timely great examples of such.

Currently both our political ruling clique or America's Warlords and their Propaganda Ministry (re. mainstream press/media) concertedly feign great concern over 40,000 or so Syrians being killed by Fellow Syrians, while displaying next to zilch of concern for Over 50,000 Mexicans murdered or assassinated by Fellow Mexicans,...and right next door to us to-boot.

Adding to Officialdom's and press's displaying more concern over Syrian losses than even thousands more Mexican lives having been lost,...their further alarming the world that Syrians might also be additionally mass-murdered by previously assured: "Non-Existent WMDs", is truly very interesting.

Were/are many politicos and journalists just natural liars?

Orrrrrrrrrr could it be that: "Sadam Hussein's 100 truck convoys to Syria" way-back-when weren't just carrying money, gold, jewels and escaping family members, America's leftists then opposing President Bush and their largely supportive press quite purposefully (quite deceptively also) in collusion propagated over and over and over to We Americans?

Guess that we previously duped Americans will at last or finally find out the truth?

Tough luck for many Syrians, though.
Those: "Non-Existent WMDs" could slaughter or mass-murder even more of those poor souls.

The End