Muslim Mole, Plant or Ringer???
by N.R. Filidei (August 14, 2010 - commentary)

WOW!!! Whom would have ever thought they would hear & see A United States President pulling: "A Bloomberg" on National TV?

That: "A Bloomberg" dig basically alludes to NYC Mayor Bloomberg's quite foolishly championing that some obviously Victorious Muslim Mosque be built on: "Ground Zero".

Damn? Just how much more can We Americans be forced or dictated to quite subserviantly & capitulatingly: "CHANGE" from; "Land of The Free & Home of The Brave" to: "God Only Knows" WHAT???

Still, it was quite revealing when Presidential King (?), Emperor (?) Mullah (?), Ruler or whatever (champion of Islam als0) Barack Hussein Obama II or Jr. similarly seing nothing wrong with Radical Muslims intent desecrating hallowed American Soil.

Yeah, sure. Now even an American President wants to Islamically-rub-our-noses in "IT".
Hey, Fools? Let's all encourage the building of a Conquering Islamic Mosque where World Trade Center once stood,...and all sing: "Gum-bi-yah".

Whatever, such lordly nonsense most certainly blew-his-cover and/or ANY TRUE Allegiance, in my mind. One guesses that Barry's or Barack's oath to: "We The People" actually doesn't (nor ever did) mean diddly-squat?

After all, isn't this latest Official Dictate just as: "In-your-face" disgusting as if The Japanese had won WWII & built A Victorious Shinto Shrine on Arizona Monument at Pearl Harbor?

Similarly honoring Imperial Japanese Killers for their part in the: "Bataan Death March" or; "Rape of Nanking", would be just as stupidly pandering to a Fanatical Enemy. Honoring Nazi Gestapo in Israel would be just as weird doing, ANY Victims.

Besides,...why on earth is there so much concern about Islam in America, anyway?
Islam isn't (nor has ever been) just a faith or religion, are most other religions worldwide.

It's common knowledge that Islam is basically an EXTREMELY Obedient to Authority Way of Life and/or A Quite Dictatorial: "Shariah Law" form of Governance,...more so than anything else. Hell. Better Obey Mullahs or end up Loosing Body Parts or even Heads.

Just because: "God is Great" or; "Praise be Allah" & like are usually expressed while typically mass-murdering or butchering Infidels (Fellow Muslims also),...people shouldn't be fooled.

Most religions of the world are normally quite caring, compassionate & well-meaning TO ALL.
Whereas & historically proven by no less than previous SEVEN 100 Year Holy Wars,...ISLAMIC SUPREMACISTS SOLELY LOOK OUT FOR ISLAM!!! No Others!!!

In essence,...all other ways of life, religions & governances are worthless & meaningless to Islam. And,.......... "That's a (SORRY) fact,...Jack". Sure hope We Americans will survive?

The End