Typical Conquering Moment
by N.R. Filidei (9/2/10 - commentary)

It must now be obvious to most that Desecrating: "Ground Zero" with A MUSLIM VICTORY MOSQUE is historically quite common,...just as victoriously: "In-your-face" done viciously attacked people of Ankara, Istanbul & MANY other territories of Asia, Middle East & North Africa.
It's that standardly historic/ancient Islamic thing.

Still, insisting that such a people-insulting structure be insensitively built where about 3000 Americans were mass-murdered by Radically-Fanatical Islam,...is more than just-a-bit-much to stomach. Don't you think?

Islam further taking advantage of our quite unfortunate U.S. Ruling Elite Naivete' aside, why do so many in authority take side of Victorious Islam OVER We Victimized Americans? No American Leaders SO STUPIDLY favored Japan's Rulers over ours after: "Pearl Harbor".

Besides, "The Big Apple" isn't your typical mass of dirt hovels with sheepish rabble, such as typically Muslim Conquered about a thousand years ago. This is New York City, USA AMERICANS we're talking about here! Not a bunch of awestruck by robed authority camel herders.

So then,...don't let Purposeful Zealots (even Mayor Bloomberg) convince or dictate otherwise.
Sure, Mike has got BIG BUCK$ tied-up in Dubai. But, so what?

Stupidly complying to Sharia Law here would be just as Nationally-Suicidal as accepting Similarly Tyrannical Communist/Marxist Rule to America.

People Can Never: "CHANGE" back from Dictatorial Rule easily. That's a historical fact.

The End