"Money Can't Buy Friends"
by N.R. Filidei (March 25, 2012 - commentary)

Since America's & South Korea's LONGTIME ENEMY (for over a-half-century) North Korea risks loosing THOUSANDS of Tons of United States Food Aid due their proposed missile/satellite testing,...such most certainly does raise some Very Very Valid Questions.

First and foremost, just why-in-the-hell are YOU, ME & US ALL (re. U.S. Taxpayers perpetually forced/dictated to financially assist America's longtime historical advisaries and similarly dangerous, deadly and quite lethal enemies? Aren't UN & other charitable orgs. sufficient enough for assisting such despicable rogue nations?

Besides, only ruling idiots here don't yet realize that most all such U.S. Aid mostly goes (plus has always mostly gone) towards directly feeding and stengthening The North Korean Military, anyway.

Regardless, are most all of America's career ruling elite (bipartisan) just-plain-nuts? Haven't such arrogantly audacious type lords and ladies ever learned anything from their typically always squandering OUR Monies so-damn-stupidly?

By now,...even most constantly pompous and Nero-like fiddlin-around while country is being destroyed from within type subversive authoritarians (like Obama, Biden, Pelosi & Reid) must also realize the obvious.

Such being that: "Money (and especially U.S. Taxpayer Money) Can't Buy Friends".

Fanatical enemies like North Korea, Iran and even millions of Radical Muslim Terrorists worldwide will always want to kill Americans and Allies, no matter what. Never matters diddly-squat how much We U.S. Taxpayers are Lordly Dictated to quite generously keep paying-off our many wouldbe mass killers and destroyers.

Just like "It" can't buy friends,...money will never stop inate Freedom & Liberty Haters (whether Muslim or not) from wanting to destroy or at least subjugate all We Free People. Thats what such normally do,...and most assuredly will always try doing just that.

Simply stated, all the combined foreign aid on earth will never stop inate haters & killers from doing their their despicable normalcies, even the slightest or one iota.

Any easing of conflicts by enemies usually due foolish American Assistance given, is purely done for deceptively. Rearming and regrouping to better fight and kill Americans another day are actually the main reasons for any such bogus lulls hostilities.

Sorry, Folks. But, that's the sad truth. Even lowest breeds act nice temporarily for Big Bucks

Also, think about this. Since America is obviously so-damn-tapped-out financially these days, how-on-earth can we even afford to continously (Quite Stupidly & Nationally Suicidal also) keep on gifting such Grandio$e Aid$ to Our MANY Enemies Worldwide,...in-the-first-place?

Regardless, will China and Saudi Royalty keep loaning America's Rulers the money needed for continuing even more of such enemy helpful lunacies?

Orrrrrrrrr,...will both the exceptionally wise and inscrutable Chinese and quite financially astute Saudis merely just buy America outright?

Both certainly have enough U.S. Bonds, Cash & Treasury Notes (no doubt mega tons of gold also) to do just that. "Believe It or Not".


The End