"Good Morning (AMER-I-C-A-A-A-A)"!!!
by N.R. Filidei (August 28, 2009 - commentary)

Given all the daily governmental lunacies now prevailing & driving (actually dictating) We Americans towards: "God Only Knows What",..."We The (Schnook$)" and/or Total Payers FOR EVERYTHING and even all such Socialist, Marxist & anti-America Dictatorial Absurdities BETTER SOON WAKE UP!

Never mind just asking many Quite Seriously Needed Questions. All Americans better soon start DEMANDING STRAIGHT ANSWERS from all our political rulers, quite jokingly referred to as: "Public Servants".

"Public Servants"...my butt! Lately the TOTALLY America controlling Majority pompously acts & rules more so like kings, queens, princes, princesses or plain-old-dictators,...than anything else. Most of such actually seem to believe that The American People work for them, INSTEAD. Amazing,...isn't it? What a disgusting role-reversal, at best.

Regardless & obviously now believing selves political gods rather than just representatives aside, let's seriously question these lords & ladies & put their feet-to-the-fire,...for-a-change. To hell with constantly & continually accepting smooth, slick, "Pie-in-the-sky" Harvard Political Bull INSTEAD OF ACTUAL TRUTHS. Such only helps "Them" & Not US (both ways).

Let's start by questioning President Barack Hussein Obama II or Jr. about his many times campaign stating: "I pray to Jesus every night". Hell,...any believing such an obvious political expediency coming from any Muslim Born & Muslim Raised Politician would no doubt easily buy DisneyLand & DisneyWorld from me,...and AGAIN & AGAIN.

Think I'm not being fair towards: "His Barackness"? Well then, just buy his book in either The Obama or The NBC Store in New York City. Nowadays hard telling whom that store actually belongs to or what actually selling or promoting? Used to promote & sell only NBC stuff.

Then too, Obama's very own words from his book of: "Should the political winds change I will always stand with Islam" SEZ-IT-ALL for me,...and as quite sensibly & realistically should also for MANY OTHERS. Would believe & trust Madoff with my money, more so than with Barack.

Then too, how is it possible that one having 2 large extended Muslim Families (1-Kenyan & 1-Indonesian), having graduated A Muslim Madrassa School & supposedly defecting to Christianity isn't on some Radically Fanatical Muslim Mullah's Fatwah and/or: "Hit List"? Obviously world's Muslims know a-helluva-lot-more about their & Dem's: "Messiah",...than We Americans (FBI also?) will ever be permitted knowing.

Maybe The: Holier than thou" and/or Sacrosanct One can help out that 17 year old Muslim girl in Florida now fearing for here very life since coverting to Christianity,...and especially if forced returning to her Muslim home & Muslim Community in Michigan? Perhaps Barack can also get her a-sort-of-similar repreive or dispensation? No Radical Muslim Mullahs ever did threaten "Their" Muslim Bro, Barack.

Enough about whom are TRUE or actually Politically Expedient PHONY Defectors from Islam, here in America. The phonies & supportive cliques will just never admit such is so. So, let's move on & try getting some STRAIGHT ANSWERS about America's longtime: "Criminally Illegal Alien Invasion", for-a-change. Just find it hard believing that the small 12.5 Million guesstimate of Criminally Illegal Aliens daily sneeking en mass into America hasn't changed in THIRTY YEARS??? Must be what called that: "New Math"?

I know such type answers will be just as tough getting since despicably Pandering to Illegals continually & specifically for garnering MORE VOTES,... is, has & apparently will always be a TRULY Bipartisan Thing. Doesn't seem mattering to whichever BENT that ONLY The U.S. Taxpayer are SOLELY ONES ever getting screwed-over or shafted by such. Whichever Political BENT or: "Connected",..."They"always fair well & better than most Americans. Illegals always fair well in America, also.

Still, let's try asking why vast majority of Americans totally disgusted & opposed perpetually FORCED or DICTATED PAYING for MANY, MANY MILLIONS (by now for sure) of such Illegals' schooling, medical & about 30% of United States jail or prison populations, must not complain about such? Just obediently Pay Your Taxes & keep your mouths shut: "Pilgrims".

Also, how come Senators & Representatives at Town Hall Meetings get all bent-out-of-shape when asked to merely: "Read The Bill" or; "Will all Government Officials have the same Universal Health Coverage as us"? Plus, I don't believe calling mostly elderly folks questioning such as: "Nazis", "Radical Right Wing Agitators", "Malcontents" & such is very Representative like, whatsover. Such Official Yokels must actually think themselves gods, at minimum.

Now unfortunately politically duped having so many ruling lordly gods instead of representatives aside, let's sort-of end this steam letting off episode with THE MOST IMPORTANT of all matters. Such being about that: "Life, Liberty & Pursuit of Happiness" thingy,...and with great emphasis of course on that: "LIFE" part.

Just what-in-the-hell good FOR AMERICA do our currently self-anointed gods think they're doing by putting all Americans (U.S. Military inclusive) AT FURTHER PHYSICAL RISK THAN SHOULD EVER NEED BE,...and especially Quite Asininely during wartime? Do foreign or Islamic lobbyists pay "Them" more than We Americans pay them?

Lordly forcing public disclosures of CIA Tactics, Interrogation Techniques & Intelligence Gathering modes DURING WARTIME merely for political oneupmanship & hatefully & vindictively hurting any & all political opposition, isn't just-plain-stupid. WOW!!!,...such is actually quite: "Stupidly" & Insanely Nationally-Suicidal & Treasonable!

Current Rulers always caving-in or capitulating to foreign nations & enemies (Islamic or not),...is not all that very governmentally bright either.

Sorry, Folks. I know that most all the above questions posed which Our Lords (Ladies also) & Masters never deem important or worthy enough answering, paint a pretty-bleak picture for this once unarguably Greatest Freedom & Liberty Loving Nation on earth. But,..."I jus-calls 'em as I sees 'em".

Thus, We can only hope that The American People can ALSO; "Recapture The White House" & America, AGAIN. Sure hope that currently Dictated Americans FINALLY Waking Up, just not too little-too late? Don't relish being governed by those old German, Italian or Soviet ways. Not in the slightest.

The End