NASA Now a Muslim Mosque?
by N.R. Filidei (7/6/10 - commentary)

Since his diddling for about 60 days or 2 months before permitting even any semblance of a large scale Oil Cleanup in The Gulf of Mexico didn't illicite an overall Public Outrage,...guess it not very likely much else will?

Still, this latest of quite lordly dictatorial decrees by: "His Barackness" and/or President Barack Hussein Obama II or Junior, does-take-the-cake for; "Audacity" or godly gall. Obviously even mixing Church, State & U.S. Taxpayer Monies are A-OK, when it comes to Wonderfully Peaceful (just jokin) Islam.

Amazing, isn't it? World Islam is now encouraged & supported by U.S. Taxpayer Funds.

Though mindboggling to say the least, please explain to me how it is even sane to dictate or politically force any nation's Space Agency to:

Make it the top priority, main objective or: "Foremost Mission" to;

"Improve relations with The Muslim World" and.........................

"Make those of The Muslim World FEEL GOOD".

Just another MANY: "In your face" lordly displays of arrogance aside, at least on this latest Obama's Cover is blown beyond any doubt. Matters not how many times: "I pray to Jesus every night" was stated or will ever be similarly feigned in the future. From Barack or Barry such will always be just duplicitous political expedient BULL (if being kind).

In fact and given so many previous dictates already, it should be obvious to most by now that Obama is some kind of ideologic: "Plant" or "Ringer", more so than anything else.

Some knowledgeable & honest of The Press believe Obama & Ruling Clique are all basically just anti-Constitutional Marxists and/or Progressives.

Whereas I & like believe that Indonesian Muslim Madrassa Schooled Graduate(?) Barry or Barack MUST FOREVER remain A Devout & Obedient Muslim,...lest subjected to The Wrath of Islam.

So then, and since our current Never to be Denied or Questioned Omnipotent Ruler BHO wasn't long ago (from campaign time to date) put on some Muslim Mullah's Fatwah and/or: "Lethal Hit List" for denying Islam,...such sez-it-all. Those Arab Shieks, Officials & Mullahs KNOW MUCH BETTER than We Americans. They know that Lenin, Marx & Stalin were actually all much better Christians than Obama.

Last but not least, pretty-much all of Islam knows that when Obama says: "I pray to Jesus every night", such was/is flat-out-lying, just as most everything else Barack smoothly states. Thus, BHO will always remain in good standing with Islam,...and The American People will remain Politically Dominated Ruled (as usual) FOREVER.

TOUGH LUCK for the rest of We Americans (both Civilian & Military).

The End