Which Ruler Most Naive?
by N.R. Filidei (November 7, 2014 - commentary)

The recent expose' that President Obama is SECRETLY trying to negotiate and ally the USA in good faith with one of America's worst enemies and/or Iran,...besides being thoroughly disgusting makes one remember a somewhat historical similarity.

Thus and in that vein, should: "Uncle Joe" or Joseph Stalin still keep the prize for being the most gullible, most naive, nationally suicidal or just-plain-stupid ruler in 1939, when agreeing to a Non-aggression Pact with Nazi Germany's obviously quite devious, duplicitous and untrustworthy Adolph Hitler?

Orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,..should America's current ruler and/or our Omnipotent: "His Barackness" now take the prize for naivete' and despicably trying to ally the U.S. Military with one of our worst enemies ?

After all, Hitler never forewarned The Soviets that he planned on annihilating all Russians.

Whereas, most everyone on earth knows that Iranian Leaders can't be trusted and have sworn to Allah to kill or destroy all Infidels worldwide not capitulating or converting to Islam.

Even though totally absurd, Obama stupidly decreeing that USA become allied with North Korea would be much wiser and make infinitely much more sense.

Regardless, all must feel sorry for: "America's Finest" and/or The U.S. Military,...since such continuously naive political leadership no doubt puts our military at Further Risk Than Should Ever Need Be.

The End