"ALWAYS Count on Mother Nature"
by N.R. Filidei (3/3/07 - commentary)

Granted since most certainly cannot be denied, but America most certainly takes-the-cake in The Political Absurdities or Lunacies Department. For years (actually generations) and continually and perpetually being deceived and waltzed-around as needed by The Lordliest of The Political Breed,...such political nonsenses have become just as American and quite acceptable as apple pie.

Guess that We Americans will pretty-much believe anything spouted by politicians, even though obviously excluding Republican types since so often declared: "LIARS" to The World?

One of the latest beauties alluded to is that lately some political lords and their exceptionally devout followings now even deny science, archeology and The History of Earth, to achieve their usually quite myopic and self/clique-serving designs, agendas and ends. Insisting (actually pontificating) that "THEY" can stop the unstoppable and/or inevitable ravages of Mother Nature,...IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!?!?!?!?

A typical authoritarian display of arrogance aside, it truly doesn't matter what Al Gore or any other of: "The Sky is Falling" Crowd wish to force upon society, since ALWAYS knowing what's best FOR EVERYONE (?). They all, just don't get "It". Or, do many just fear going against The Crowd and being vengefully treated and publicly character assassinated & ostracized (the typically vindictive norm)?

Regardless, and blame: "Global Warming" as most other world problems or concerns (real, imagined or fabricated dating back to The Magna Carta) on President Bush and rest of Mean Old Nasty Republicans (another typical norm),...if you must. But, the absolute truth and/or apolitical truth of the matter is that The World ALWAYS gets hotter in summer and colder in winter. Like it or not, but The Real World cannot be altered as daily liked, as done in Disney Land or Disney World and such,...and often attempted by governments.

Then too, The Earth's Temperatures are and have ALWAYS been in a perpetual state of change or flux, for millions (if not billions?) of years. Hell,...even the: "Inspector Clueso" type boobs now denying such, can't just keep blaming Bush and all The Rest of We affluent, squandering and selfishly wasteful Americans,...for ALL AILING THE WORLD. To The Sane (?),...such just doesn't wash.

Hey,...don't believe This Nobody or even The Scientific Community?? Well then, just DAILY step away occasionally from your pulpits or podiums and go outside your mansions or caves for a breather or touch of reality.

While at it, you also might try lordly fending-off some typical volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, droughts, vast forest fires, tornadoes, hurricanes and floods, fools. Take your pick of unstoppable futilities.

If that doesn't clarify your quite arrogantly believing yourselves superior of intelligence to most everyone else on earth (Scientific Community inclusive),...then just read-up on some history of Planet Earth. Such couldn't hurt, EITHER.

Thus, and given some reality and a little study of what ails, it might then be realized that your pompously all-knowing and mis-leading antics (actually politically-purposeful and/or people-deceiving antics),...would even give Cavemen (women also) or Neanderthals one-helluva-good-chuckle,...if such were physically possible?

After all, The Earth has had THREE Ice Ages preceded by THREE Warming Periods (Now referred to as: "Global Warming"),...ALREADY. The amount of: "Mini-Ice Ages" suffered incalculable, since just no way knowing how many or how contributing to many worldwide catastrophes.

Plus, and most important remembering, are that all the MANY wild, devastating and never-ending changes in world's temperature and climate occurred LONG BEFORE ANYONE ever even heard of a chlorofluorocarbon,...or before: "Barney & Thelma Rubble" knew what-the-hell chlorofluorocarbon emissions even were.

Whatever, Folks. NEVER be fooled by those whom even cavalierly politicize Mother Nature. Just not very wise, sane or sensible doing so. Also, one can NEVER count on such deceiving politicians for anything. Well,...maybe Al inventing another alternate: "Internet", anyway? Hey,...you never know?

Whereas, one can ALWAYS Count on Mother Nature,...whether: "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly" and QUITE DEVASTATING (as usual).

Still, and since living in area of what worldwide known as: "Cancer Alley" (re. vicinities along The New Jersey Turnpike), please don't get me wrong regarding Environmentalists. I like most here truly appreciate any TRUE Environmentalists,...and rightfully so.

See absolutely nothing wrong with We New Jerseyans ALSO breathing some clean, pristine and uncontaminated air,...for a refreshing change. Gasp, gasp, gasp,...and obviously not all necessarily due: "Second Hand Cigarette Smoke,...FOR SURE.

The End