Nationally Suicidal Leaders
by N.R. Filidei (March 5, 2014 - commentary)

Has Obama, his Administration and his similarly obedient Joint Chiefs all gone bonkers or nuts??

Is that stupidly absurd nonsense of: "U.S. Military MUSLIM chaplains being trained & vetted by KNOWN Radical Islamists with KNOWN Fanatical Muslim Terrorist Ties"...For Real???

If so, such is absolutely disgusting since such lunacy places all We Americans in great jeopardy.

Sadly, our leaders come across like Politically Correct (an oxymoron) & Islam Pandering morons.

Plus, this will be the first time in American History (well that I know of anyway) that We Americans are forced/dictated to quite stupidly pay for obvious enemy infiltrators, subverters, and possibly or likely mass-murderous Muslim saboteurs within our ranks.

So much for Homeland Security & War on Terrorism (Safety & Well Being of US Troops also)!?!?!?

Our Forefathers are no doubt rolling over in their graves in absolute disgust.

The End