Offensive To Islam
by N.R. Filidei (October 3, 2012 - commentary)

Since currently reported and exposed by FNC or Fox News Channel (Where else?) that Benghazi and other embassies in Middle East have been rightfully pleading for increased security FOR MONTHS, come such pleas have been denied same embassies by The U.S. Government FOR MONTHS?

Also, why have mainstream press/media apparently in concert been pretty-much silent about highest level and cavalier disregards displayed for the very safety of Americans Serving Country abroad, from Despicable Muslim Terrorists ?

Is now protecting American Territory and U.S. Citizens from Fanatically-Murderous Muslims no longer important and ALSO deemed Offensive to Islam??

We certainly live in Very Sick & Strange Lethally Dangerous Times. Don't doubt it for-a-second.

Seems like none in U.S. High Office nor our journalists(?) become OUTRAGED over anything.
Not even the wanton murder of America's ambassador to Libya, and 3 other poor souls.

Therefore and since same holds true for the murdering of Americans on our southern border with Mexico, vote like your very lives depended on the outcome this coming election, folks.

Yours, your childrens' and grandchildrens' lives most certainly do!

The End