Biggest Oil Suckers
by N.R. Filidei (2/29/12 - commentary)

Fortunately for populations of Large Oil Exporting OPEC Nations, they too aren't forced/dictated suffering quite volatile and economy devastating fuel spikes, such as We Americans normally suffer.

Neither are OPEC country economies so severely effected from Oil Spot Price speculations, manipulations & downright price-gougings at the pump,...such as is (has also longtime been) quite common here in The Largest Oil Exporter of The West, and/or USA.

Unfortunately here in America, quite differently leaders, oil companies, refiners and even press/media to-boot, all in collusion daily deceive We Americans about why OUR VERY OWN NATURAL RESOURCES are so often Absurdly & Economy Devastatingly Priced.

Take it or leave it...Sucker$! "Fat Cats" (re. millionaires) make all the rules, policies and regulations for all the other: "Fat Cats". That's just how it is.

Sometimes even We Lowly Peasants (re. average Americans) also make out alright. Most times we just don't.

However, even the greediest and most unconscionable of Dictatorial OPEC Oil Exporting Nations don't subject their people to such rip-offs as what We Americans are daily forced/dictated suffering. Guess that America's lordly rulers are just simply more greedy?

In fact, you'll never hear any Venezuelans ever bitchin about paying about 15 cents per gallon of gasoline. Why should they? Why shouldn't PEOPLE benefit from their Very Own Oil, anyway?

Nor, will any ever hear The Wealthiest Oil Exporters On Earth (re. Saudis) ever complain over paying about 90 cents a gallon, for topping-off their Rollses, Beamers or Benzes.

Whatever,...shouldn't We Obvious Oil Suckers at least ask a few sensible questions of our wonderful ruling elite whom uncaringly permit both We Americans and The American Economy to be daily ripped-off?

First and foremost, one should ask why OPEC Leaders/Rulers don't similarly make it difficult for THEIR Own People to benefit from THEIR Very Own Natural Resources, such as America's Ruling Elite Cliques (bipartisan) quite normally do? Are all OPEC leaders just ignorant about Wind & Solar Energy?

America's Dictatorial Green Loons aside, another reasonable question would be: Why do greedy oil speculations, manipulations, price-gougings and world oil spot price Never Effect fuel prices of OPEC Populations, while always Greatly Effecting one of earth's BIGGEST OIL EXPORTING NATIONS and/or America?

Also, are OPEC leaders obviously much better rulers or governors of their people than America's leaders, merely since not needing to constantly campaign for retaining Omnipotent Power and Control?

Orrrrrrrrrrrrr and last but not least,...Are OPEC's similarly omnipotent rulers just more so concerned about the well beings of both their citizenries and economies, than their even more pompously superior American counterparts are?

OPEC rulers sure-as-hell seem: "More so concerned" about their charges ("Caring" also), to me.

The End