"One Size Fits All"???
by N.R. Filidei (August 17, 2009 - commentary)

Even though quite common in current America these days for governments (local, state & federal) promoting & institutionalizing policies where: "On Size Fits All",...I don't believe that such laws are all sensible nor actually serve any overall good. Latest government attempted ploy for taking over the entire Medical Industry, being a good example.

Another good example of lordly policies attempted being forced upon an overall obedient, accepting & law-abiding citizenry is now happening in New Mexico, as to High Fining & Jailing ALL DUIs.

I personally believe such: "OVER-KILL" and/or much like lordly Medical Dictates as alluded to before, which initially attempted being forced down American Citizenry's Throats: "Before August Congressional Recess". Hope Americans don't forget about such an Officialdom Duplicity?

After all, one must believe if police were stationed outside bars (day or night) doing Sobriety Checks that all drivers exiting such establishments could easily be locked-up for DUI. Most having 2-3 drinks of alcohol will easily register a .08 alcohol to blood level and/or so low that rarely ever posing a serious threat to anyone.

Tea-tootlers on cell phones, texting or twittering while driving pose an infinitely more dangerous threat to society in general, than a .08 alcohol level EVER WILL. Check The Stats!

Why such an official: "Rush to Judgement"? Most deadly or lethal alcohol related auto accidents usually occur when impaired drivers are: "Way Over The Limit" or; "Have 2-3 (or better) times over the Legal Limit of alcohol in their blood.

So then, what good will come of imposing Extremely High Fines & Long Jailings for those FIRST TIME caught having a .08 blood alcohol level? For MULTIPLE SUCH OFFENSES of course,...and not as currently gotten away with now MANY, MANY, MANY TIMES.

For Repeat Offenders & Obvious Lethally Alcohol Abusing Drunk Driving Potential Killers not wise or concerned enough about others to use: "A Designated Driver" or get a ride home I say;,..."Just lock-em-up & throw-away-the-key". "Don't you think"?

The End