OPEC Rulers NOT the Bad Guys
by N.R. Filidei (2/22/12 - commentary)

Basically speaking, singling-out and blaming Resource Rich OPEC Rulers for recent and ever-growing high price gougings at the pumps in ALSO Large Oil Exporting nations of America & Britain,...is-flat-out wrong. Such diverts from True Oil Rip-off causes also.

Another good thing and which obviously much better about OPEC nation governments, is that such rulers never make their people be continually Held Hostage to daily fluctuating World Oil Spot Price, as Western Large Oil Exporting Nations all similarly do quite cavalierly.

The never changing prices per gallon of fuel in OPEC Nations prove what stated about. OPEC Nationals usually pay anywhere from 60 to 40 year ago old deisel & gasoline prices, at "Their" pumps.

Would that We Americans (ALSO Big Oil Exporters) currently paid about 15 cents a gallon for gasoline and diesel, like Venezuelans do and have longtime done?

Or, how about both Americans & Brits quite differently paying around 90 cents a gal. for fueling Benzes, Beamers or whatever, just like Rich Saudis or Similarly Large Oil Exporters do...FOR THEIR VERY OWN NATURAL RESOURCE?

Hell,...if OPEC Nations, Citizens & Economies are never forced/dictated suffering the quite volatile and often greed speculated and manipulated World Oil Spot Price,...how come: "We The (Schnook$)", British Subjects and other Suckers worldwide ARE always forced/dictated to???

Is such even: "Fair"?

In essence, OPEC Nations TRULY do Care about their people and truly do: "Share The Wealth" with their vast natural resources. They don't politically and/or just pompously-lordly propagate about such.

America's Ruler, Rulers & Green Clique of Zealots cutting down on oil drilling & pipelines during This Latest Contrived: "Fuel Shortage" & National Rip-off, isn't all that very bright either!

Hope all American's realize what constantly Top Level Perpetrated here,...before too late?!?!

Natural Resources belong to The People. Not Governments...and certainly Not to World.

The End