The REAL People of OZ
by N.R. Filidei (2/1/07 - commentary)

No matter the range in ages, you-jus-gotsta be amused by the similarity of stubbornly childlike grimaces, scowls and whinnings of lethally naive leftists like: Baldwin, Belafonte, Carter, Churchill, Clintons, Clooney, Fonda, Franken, Kennedy, Kerry, Letterman, Maher, Moore, Penn, Redford, Robbins, Sarandon, Sheehan & Souros,...just to mention A FEW (tee-hee).

Obviously, my apologies to any such not dealing with full decks and from: "La-La Land", left out. Just ecologically trying to save a little paper.

Any levity aside, if America weren't currently under attack by the greatest threat ever faced in history (re. terrorism), the concerted effort of all those alluded to continually propagating that most all Ethnic Americans (and especially Republicans) are bad-bad and naughty-naughty bullies, and all other ethnicities on earth (enemies inclusive) are instead peace-loving and good people of well intent,...could actually (even though quite absurd) be considered quite precociously-cute. Hey,..."From the mouthes of babes".

However, and since America under deadly attack and at war and also still suffers our longtime and ever-increasing: "Criminally Illegal Alien Invasion", and still have large problems with borders, sovereignty, citizenry safety and security, I just don't believe that The USA can handle very much more of such: "Yellow Brick Road" mentalities,...always demanding that their ways alone prevail.

Besides, what point is there (Favorable for America, anyway?) for so many American Citizens with Great Public Voice to continually encourage all foreign nationals on earth to keep illegally sneaking into America, while simultaneously insisting government cave-in to our avowed mass-killers/murderers of Fanatical Islam?? Even the youngest of sane children no doubt realize such exceptionally nationally-suicidal,...AT VERY BEST.

Also, only idiots can't realize that such fanatical zealot nonsenses propagated daily, place US ALL in a truly precarious situation and/or somewhere: "Between a rock (Iraq also) and a hard place". Nor, is it realized that ONLY The Millions of Fanatical Islam and/or world's would be conquerers can truly appreciate American Leftist's perpetual wartime under-minings. Such like music to "Their" ears, ALONE.

Whatever, believe that me, mine and all other Americans DESERVE MUCH BETTER from or by Fellow Americans,...whether they be notable movie stars, billionaires, or just plain old multi-millionaires of government or from press/media. We're ALL in same dire straits,...whether fools believe such or not.

Then too, and just out of curiosity, is it no longer treasonable to aid, abet and continually gratify, satisfy and encourage the enemy during wartime? What perverts of government (both ways) ever made such changes to America's Constitution? Was such done secretly in Committee, as most everything else done in America? Is such even: "FAIR" in this nation so overly-obsessed with fairness?

Currently hard distinguishing between naive Hollywood & Government Leader War Protesters aside, is it even: "FAIR" to charge or order Law Enforcement, The Intelligence Community and U.S. Combat Troops to SACRIFICE LIFE & LIMB to protect us all SO-DAMN-OPENLY and/or SO-DAMN- ENEMY-HELPFUL IN EVERY DETAIL (being done, intended or planned against an enemy)?
Are America's Leaders or civilian warlords all bipartisan nuts?????????

The Fanatical Muslim Breed of Stone Killers/Assassins NEED NEVER SACRIFICE ANYTHING for better target acquisitioning of defenseless civilians and/or their primary & paramount targets. Such despicably murderous scum of mankind need only switch-on radios, televisions or computers to accomplish their evil missions. Is such also: "FAIR"?

Regardless, no American need have some Super-Duper IQ or be some-sort-of: "Rocket Scientist" to realize the unarguably sad and quite obvious. Such being that the old saying of: "A Slip of The Lip Can Sink A Ship", infinitely more important TODAY...THAN SUCH EVER WAS.

Unfortunately, the sad reality exists that most seem oblivious to such, and absurdly have continued forcing America to be quite stupidly OPEN & ENEMY-HELPFUL during conflicts or wars, for such a long time. Thus, NOT EVEN ONE CONFLICT RESOLVED favorably for America, since World War II. Such one-helluva-poor leadership track record at best, and certainly waste of Brave American Lives, to-boot. Don't you think?

Basically, why fight any enemy,...if civilian leaders and/or civilian warlords have already pre-determined not permitting their military to destroy the enemy and achieve Total Victory? Hell,...that's what America's All Volunteer Forces train 24/7 for, anyway. Not to be just politically-correct: "Targets of Opportunity" or political pawns to be used against Fanatical Islam.

Surely hope that all currently strange policy swayers and duped policy makers apparently both traveling the very same: "Yellow Brick Road",...know what-the-hell the're doing? All such fools don't seem to leave very much margin for error (actually none whatsoever), and/or even have a clue that "They" might even be wrong in "Their" stubbornly unchangeable and obviously: "Pie in the sky", fairytale or DNC assessments of stark realities?

Most certainly hope they're right, anyway. After all, don't relish the thought of being nuked,...whether such assembled and delivered from Bora-Bora, Canada, Iran, Iraq, Fiji, Mexico or North Korea. Hey,...a nuke is a nuke is a nuke, matter whom deliver such to your door step.

The End